Pay for vip but not get it


Hello Ludia.

For a week ago i paid for VIP. I dont have the money on my card so you put it on hold. I put the money in, waited 1 hour. The money got paid but the VIP dont start.
I have sens you a few tickets about this with all the evidence you need. I know you have LOT to do, i just want to make sure i be rewarded for the issue later because now i cant take the benefict of VIP.


Check if you have a yellow circle around your level on the the top left and if you do have it you have vip if don’t I don’t know how to help you


Hey Jonas_Mansson, I’m sorry that our team has not got back to you yet, they’ve been getting many tickets lately, so there’s a bit of a delay. Our team is working as fast as possible to help everyone. I wouldn’t recommend sending in multiple tickets before they have contacted you because that could reset your position in the queue.