Pay To Win - Defined


What is “pay to win” that many folks are complaining about. What I mean is what is the level that is considered P2W?

Are you P2W if you just purchase the VIP?

If no, what about VIP plus a couple of the 4x offers because you ran out of coins? Maybe $30 or so.

If no, what about VIP and most of the level-up offers? Maybe $150 or so.

Clearly if you spent over $2,000 and purchased multiple incubators every weekly special and purchased cash and coins to never need to grind then I suppose that would be considered P2W, right?

Am I P2W? My decision to join VIP was to get more coins at supply drops and the longer drone range and battery life. I felt that the benefit was well worth my TIME as I could save an hour a day for the same DNA and coin totals. That’s 30 hours saved per month at a cost of less than 1 hour of overtime at work. Thats huge - work an extra hour and save 30 hours. And less burnout. But actually I requested a few hours overtime and did purchase many of the level-up specials. So my purchases were actually about $180 and I got to level 13 with extra cash to spare. Am I P2W?


If you pay for a strong squad you’ll simply climb in the rankings until you get back to a 50% winrate.

Unless you pay a ridiculous amount of money that you shadow people even at the top haha.



I’m satisfied with VIP. I love the option of working hard to get what I need . I get really super excited !!!


We need to encourage pay to win.

There will be such a small percentage of players who spend that much to be considered pay to win but we need them to keep the game rolling. Its funny all the whinebags complaining about P2W. I guess they expect a game to be developed for free. Would they rather have the game cost $60 initially and everybody has the same level of dinos?

I agree with what you are saying, what is pay to win. I did a month of VIP , bought the one time offers, probably $50 invested in this game over 1.5 months.

I hope they continue to make offers that make sense, I’ll keep dropping the $$$


Pay to win is pay to win. If you pay for any stuff (it doesn’t matter if it’s 1 or 1000$) you are pay to win player. I never paid anything for my good team and 3400 ranking points. And I’m proud of it.