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Pay to win game

Wondering how much I need to spend on a monthly basis to win battles? With that being said, this game has went way down hill from when it first came out. You get screwed if you don’t spend enough to win battles and the costs to buy stat boosts is outrageous. Ludia are bigger crooks than the government.


I stopped paying months ago.

You don’t need to pay to play, it’s far more rewarding and less stressful to not pay.

All arenas are the same in that you fight other players at near equal strength. To be honest, fighting in Library is no more or less exciting than fighting in Sorna Marshes.

If personal prestige is your thing (no one else cares where you stand in trophy count… seriously… no one cares but you) then by all means, continue dumping hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month into this game.

Money doesn’t even buy you fast advance in this game, unless you want to spend tens of thousands.

My advice is this, if you don’t have it and can’t afford it, don’t.


Nonsense. Never spent a cent on it and reached 5595, all time high yesterday.
You do not need to spend in order to win battles. You need to collect DNA and coins, that’s all.


To win battles you don’t need to spend a penny, or even have the VIP. You will occupy your place in the table and you will win approximately 50% of the battles like practically everyone, whether in 4000, 5000 or 5800 trophies.

If what you want is to climb in the classification I will tell you that to climb near the 500 position you do not need to spend much. Be VIP and little else, if you hunt and battles a lot. On the other hand, to reach top100 you would need hundreds and hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars a month. Being that way, only a few already spend a lot of money on the game … with little you can compete but you need a lot to get to the top.

Probably more true in the old system when boost costed 500 instead of 2000.

As I see it.

Old players is getting a lot better game experience then new players.


You don’t need to spend any money to win battles.


Who says I’m buying boosts?

I never said you bought or dosen’t bought.

I just claim it’s easier for older player to stay in the top then what it will be for new players.

And that arena point you have is nothing special. You could be there with no boosts. But players who want to be ranked top 500 can’t stay without boosts. In that sense it’s a pay to win game.

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You can be in the top 500 f2p but why would anyone think it’s a target to be world’s best 500 when you don’t spend money? That’s so naive.

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Before boosts you could be in top 500 without spending money and work hard.

After boosts you need to spend money on the boost to be top 500.

And that’s the context of this topic.

Now it’s a pay to win game.

But of course you can enjoy it for free aswell :slight_smile:


It has always been pay to win. It’s in the definition of a free mobile game.

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Thats the definition of older designed mobile games… the market has been moving away from pay to win for a while now.

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You don’t need money. You can be F2P and do fine, just slower. All I ever pay for is the VIP and that is it. Just over a year since launch to reach 20th and doing fine with a non-competitive team system still climbing the Arena.

Spending on the game is up to you but it isn’t mandatory.

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As others have pointed out, it is free to play and it is free to compete. You can even win battles unboosted. If you want to win end-game, then yes, you will need to buy boosts.

True, you could get them for free and slowly save up your boosts, but I imagine all phones will be holographic and implanted in our heads by the time you would have earned enough boosts to matter. :wink:


Free to play and subbing to vip which costs like 120 bucks a year. Are vastly different.

The fact that youve spent over 100 dollars since launch on this game shows just how pay to win it is.

Their is an arena that 1% of the population will get to play in. And thats not even talking about free to play people that have never spent a penny thats talking about people who have max teams and have purchased boosts just not enough.

Their is a difference between a game like this and even a game with pay to win elements like clash royale. My level 13 cards perform exactly the same as someone who has poured thousands into the game. And its been that way since launch.

If you wanna keep the f2p crowd you have to atleast give them hope they can eventually compete with whales… Ludia has shown between boosts and boosts 2.0 there is never going to be a point they have grinded enough. And thats why this game keeps losing more players then it adds.

You telling them you can spend 120 dollars and after a year not even be close to end game ready is kinda counter productive to the message your tring to convey.

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I disagree. Sort of.

If you want to put money into the game then yes, you will get their quicker and with more powerful creatures. You can buy boosts and incubators. You can burn through the game and for many, will just get bored and ditch it. If you don’t spend out on incubators and boosts, you can enjoy the game on the way up. You’ll get there and you’ll earn it.

I agree about the very top of the Arena ladder. That is for the players willing to pour the GDP of a small country into the game to do so. Is it worth it? I don’t think so. You can can happily be F2P or P2W and enjoy the game. I don’t care about climbing to the top (I’m still amazed I got to Aviary recently). I’ll continue to enjoy playing the game as I do.

It comes down to what sort of player you are. There are competitive types who happily fork out the cash and battle in the high end of the Arena. There are casual players who happily play the game, collecting dinosaurs and making hybrids. There are players in between, who likewise enjoy the game for what it is.

My point is that you play the game how you want to. You don’t have to spend the cash and burn through the game, missing the scenery on the way. You can earn it the hard way, getting where you can and enjoy it without forking out cash if you don’t want to.

JWA is what I would call a Freemium game.

The entire thing thrives on a basic thing in us all, and that is, that we are lazy by nature. We try to find the easiest or most efficient way to get something done, and buying boosts is both easier and more effective than 5 hour dinosaur hunts.

The reason I find this manipulative is because they count on the player not realising that the money they are spending is is WAY more than the value we get, but since it’s easier we tend to ignore it.

This company used every trick in the book, plus a few new ones to drive sales.


And boosts are nothing short of extortion.

Buy our boosts or ya team and all the effort to create it is history.

There are f2p players in the top 500. Not many, but there are a few.

Thats true but they tailor the game so it can cash in on a persons need to progress faster, thats why I call rating a carrot on a stick, players wanna improve that number as fast as possible.