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Pay to win


is this game PAY to win ? this game just came out not long ago. And people are already getting epics , legendary dino.


Most top 100 legendary players are spoofers or putting immense amounts of money into the game. I pretty much started playing when beta went live and even i dont have a legendary; minimum of 2h play time a day. But i am top 200; currently even top 100.

The concept of p2w is about not being able to acquire certain stats in-game because you can only buy them with real life money. An OP rifle with better stats compared to the best rifle possible that you can acquire in-game by playing the game: that’s what is p2w.

In JWA there is nothing like this; every legendary, unique and epic can be acquired by playing the game. So in other words; no the game is not pay 2 win. It requires loads of time and efford until you get to that point, but it is do able in the long run. Thats what the game is about; capturint and evolving the best dinosaurs.


yea thanks for the clarification. But they could still pay with real money for lots of epic , legendary DNA and in game coins etc… to get ahead from others , to be the top players. It’s still kind PAY 2 win though imo.


In the long run everyone will get at that point so its really a waste of money if you think about it.
The concept of the game is exactly that: going outside and eventually being able to evolve creatures. Not by ‘paying’ yourself to the top. I guess players have a totally different view of how games are supposed to be played.


You can pay for a quick win or play the long game.

You can definitively enjoy the game without spending money because the PvP battles are based on ranking, so you will rarely meet a very strong opponent.

But the game is very good at convincing you to buy stuff. Whenever you level up or advance to a higher arena you get a special offer and some in-game resources are limited. Also they offer a monthly subscription to get more resources.


If you dont pay you cant keep with upgrade prices so yeah P2W


batllw with player pay, and spoofer´s a lot, alls ganme AR so lost in world full hacker´s , it´s my opinion and it´s A REALITY NOW.


All of Ludia’s games have been pay to win.


they need to pay their employees, they need to report to their shareholders/investors. Don’t you like your retirement fund to grow? If not pay to win, what kind of benefit would you suggest the players pay for? and what kind of benefit would you suggest WHALE players, who pays a lot, pay for?


just separed players play free and pay, 2 server´s. 1 for free play and other for who pay, simple.


No its simple: just play the game lol. Who cares if you’re rank 1 or rank 2453. As long as you play on a regular basis and participate in events you’ll get up there. Don’t worry. As long as you’re in arena 6+ you’ll have awesome rewards and its definitely not hard if you work for it.

Eventually the game will have a max level cap (which might increase like in PoGo, who knows) and if you keep catching 'em all you will get there sooner or later. I believe its level 25 or even higher.

Once again: Pay 2 win is about having advantages you can only purchase; in other words having a special dinosaur which you can’t create or catch in the wild (especially if it is considered ‘op’). There are numerous examples out there: FPS games mostly but games like WoT has / had (long time lol) premium tanks, for example. Something you can’t get by playing the game… Thats pay 2 win. Everyone misuses this term completely, stahp please.

Gold can be acquired by playing the game; you dont HAVE to buy it. Its a convenience to speed up your progress and thats it. Now go out there and collect some dinosaurs and gold. Thats a great start to become a better player in JWA. As an example: i only buy VIP and level up rewards, no additional incubators. This is my team and rank. I play minimum 2h a day and started playing since the beta started here. Top 200 most of the time, sometimes even top 100. Thats how you play the game, can almost ‘slaughter’ level 22+ AI decks by countering the opponent and outplaying them.


@Freds00n how long ago was Beta? i.e how long have you been playing for?


I have the max amount of visits on this forum (in my summary) which is 25 days currently; i visited every day now. I started playing before i created my forum account so it has been at least 1 month by now. Im not ‘one of the first’ starters but i joined when the download amount was at 1000 downloads; so i was pretty early since it is at 1 mil now lol.

I did speed up my progress by buying gold with level up reward cash; but i stopped doing that since a week since i figured out a better way to earn it. Now my entire dino team can be leveled up again but im short on gold LOL. So i just play the game and let the gold come in slowly. The max amount of gold / month for level 11 and VIP is about 270K; just from supply drops. Thats pretty insane lol.


Nice! I’m just into my second week now, this is my team so far… gimme a couple more weeks and I’ll catch up to you!


the ppl have one life man, i not play one game full time, lol.


gold 241869, hahahahah how long do ypou think i am play for keep this money? bro plz, pay is easy play not paying. money 7510 hahahahaha. you play free? no lol, not free, only who pay can progress this game dude, it´s real, anyone play free can win your dino´s in arena, ok.


@oamit Haha mate - think before you speak, coz you don’t know jack! a) i NEVER claimed that i hadn’t spend any $$ on this game b) how much free cash do you see in these screenshots?


7510 cash in this print´s? come man, your money u catch anyone, nut not come with print´s for say me have 7510 cash there? dont worry dude. you money, you can do it !!! not my problem !!! never have 7510 cash in you print´s dude^^ this is patetic, you doens´t prove anythink for me !!!


Do your maths… There’s over 12k in there. You’re obviously just lazy in general, to quick to speak too slow to think.