I’ve not even gotten my whole team to level 5 and I’ve hit the pay gate. I’ve been stuck on the same explore level for days with no hope of getting past it anytime soon. I can’t get money to upgrade equipment and I won’t spend actual cash on this thing. Am I doing it wrong?


Use some of the free offers. Buy gold. I’ve got 1 character up to 8 that way so far.

Im having the same issue.


Doesn’t matter if you pay. I’ve paid a fair bit. My mage is level 10 with insane gear. I never get to use her in arena. And never is correct: since I got her yellow gear pieces, she’s never been selected for my arena team. Not once.

My best character has only campaign use. That’s pretty stupid.

Oh so arena play is random selection?
I haven’t really explored that aspect much I thought o just kept kissing the assignment screen.
That’s ridiculous.