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Paying customers should be valued

I am deeply saddened and disappointed (not to mention angry) that Ludia does not appear to value its paying customers. I don’t know if anyone else had an issue with the boost reshuffle event, but I lost 12 boosts, and they told me they will not refund them. I accept that I did not look up UTC time, and knew the event ended that day, however my screen showed 100 (full) refund when I checked, so I trusted what I saw on the screen was actually correct, why would I expect it to not refund the value displayed? So I transferred 16 boosts from one Dino to another, got cold feet and transferred them back only to realize that I had 4 boosts left of 16 boosts. I lost 50% going one way and another 50% going back. When Ludia has offers that display that have expired, say an incubator and you try to purchase it, it won’t let you. That’s what should have happened in this case. If 100 refund wasn’t going to be made as shown, it should have not completed the transaction. Regardless of what outside messages they send to players, what you see on the screen is what should be honored. Can Ludia charge double for all their incubators if they send us a separate message saying “Going forward all incubators will cost double what you see on the screen” and then say “ oh well we told you in a message”. No! They can’t! Same principle here. I’ve spent over $1000 playing this game, am a VIP member at $9.99 a month and an officer in a top 100 alliance, really they’d rather lose that then give back 12 boosts that costs them NOTHING?! Way to show your customers you just don’t care about them in the slightest. Just bad business. If they don’t come back with a better reply, I will not spend another dime with them. That’s no way to treat paying customers in a business.

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You spent 1 grand ouch what does your team look like with that much cash poured into it?

Not as awesome as you’d expect. Especially when nerfs happen every update, takes the motivation out of paying to upgrade. I’m in the top 10k players in PVP and usually place in top 5k players in tournos with creatures at actual levels vs.all level 26. I was able to reach Level 20 as a player about 2 months after starting playing, also becauseI belong to an awesome alliance that donates DNA generously, and we achieve ranks 10/9 every week on Exploration and Defense weekly missions which yields great incubators. The money was spent over time, especially with pandemic as entertainment instead of going out when you can’t. Once I hear back from them after my latest reply I’ll consider whether I’ll drop VIP and stop making purchases.

Well reaching 20 in 2 months is quite the achievement I pre-registered and played since launch I did stop for a few months though. But I only hit level 20 recently. I was expecting something along the lines of top 500 with a team of max uniques. Sorry to hear about your boost loss though 12 is a hefty chunk it’s worth 24,000 hard cash

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