Paying for better fusions

Those fusions that gives you 10 DNA can be very frustrating.
So frustrating, I can imagine some people paying to help their odds.
We could make getting VIP great again.
So how about have the VIP give a minimum of 20 DNA for all fusions?

Perhaps that does not work for LUDIA.
So how about a deluxe VIP that you pay a little more and it gives a minimum of 20 DNA for fusions?

So if you don’t want to touch VIP how about this way to milk cash from us.
Put a button that says, do you want to pay 10 cash to guarantee at least a minimum of 20?

Too cheap? How about something that increases our odds for better fusions?
Pay 10 cash on this particular fusions to increase your odds for a better fusion by 10%?

Help me out here. It seems like almost all my fusions using my precious Irritator DNA to make Pyrritator have been 10’s.


When it taps it’s right claw press the fuse button you get more then 10

Man I feel your pain! Every fusion ever for pyritator has been a 10. I’m not kidding at all. My best friend has had his at 20 for a while and almost has magnapyritor. I just now got him to 20. Thanks to the trading system. Every single one has been a 10. So now with that being said I need 50000 irritator DNA for magnapyritor unless it doesn’t give me 10s for pyritator.

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Wut? R u Fr? = what? Are you for real? Since someone’s feelings got a little hurt at my silliness.

That is English. It’s slang. Wut = what. R = are U= you FR = for real. Also abbreviations are also English!

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