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Paying gems for event continuation

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This post has merit as useful constructive criticism. If someone takes the time to create an account, and has played it this much, they should be the kind of player that is listened to. If the game is aggravating players this much, it seems the fault would lie not with the players, but with the game.


Thank you. I love this game, have played over 900hrs, game launcher says, and a side from some minor character imbalances, I don’t complain about game play or unfairness. Okay, occasionally there is imbalance in matchups, but I truck on, sometimes we need to vent, and hope, perhaps, it’s genuinely looked into by staff.

I realize the moderators and game designers have an impossible task of appeasing all players,
however, a weekly update of what the future holds would go along way. A few paragraphs.

With that said, glitches and there are many, are impossible to ignore. Losing gems, having to restart a room, that in some cases can take 5 minutes to finish(rally), losing to players when your game locks up. If you are battling a much lower ranked player, a win may net 15 pts, a loss -50pts and all because your screen locked.

And with less than a day remaining in the season, losing points unjustly can have devastating consequences. Some of my Guild members are on the cusp of a new league. 50 pts or 15 pts in one player’s case, would prevent them from advancing to the next league and collecting the subsequent rewards. Or players from breaking 2,500 for the first time. That was very exciting for me.

A little courteously and respect to the community for their loyalty, time and money spent playing Warriors of Waterdeep, would be lovely.

And PS: Facebook gems and coin rewards for clicking a link has been reduced to 1 day. You used to be able to click and recieve the rewards from 2 and 3 days prior.

Little things like this are really unnecessary, petty and cast in a negative light, Warriors of Waterdeep.


I agree @Styrixa. Overzealous moderation has returned.

I was recently surprised by some choices made by the mods. I recently discussed a known ‘cheat’ being utilized by some players. Even though the mod admitted there is no specific rule preventing such discussion, I was informed my post needed to be deleted as it may compel others to utilize the approach I discussed.

I mistakenly thought the forums were open to discuss known issues. This being said, I understand the mod’s logic that discussing the issue may promote others to use it. After finally being informed why my post was deleted I accept the post should be deleted. However, the rules should be augmented to clarify such posts are not permitted.

Unfortunately, shortly after, I was frustrated to discover I was also suspended from the forum for two days. This I found to be extremely overzealous.

[Note: To satisfy forum rules and moderator instructions, this post does not provide specific context or information about the noted issue and I will not elaborate further in any other topic or message.]


The moderators of the forum are going to find that groups of players will start having these conversations on forums not run by them. To excessively sensor people’s thoughts, will cause the player base to go more ‘underground’. To me this is shortsighted by the developers. Keep my friends close, but my enemies even closer … only time will tell.


Groups of us already are. :slight_smile:


Originally, a link to the forum was available within Mirt’s shop. However, shortly after PvP was unleashed the forums exploded with negative comments, and the developer quickly delisted the link while forum moderation was altered. Additionally, the developer discontinued providing responses/information within the official forums. As such, many alternative forums/discords/messenger services arose to fill the void. Many are still active today, with other players providing resources and assistance unavailable within the official forum.

For example, many threads here revolve around complaints related to unbalanced items/heroes. [ie. the Ranger needs to be nerfed again because he can still kill my entire party in one shot] Functional workarounds for such complaints is readily available and easily accessible in other forums. Unfortunately, attempts to share such ideas here are often trolled, resulting in the sage advice getting lost in the shuffle.

Moreover, the link to this forum is only provided by Ludia when players contact support. As such, this forum has inadvertently taken on the role of being a public complaint board. There is little constructive information available. [Edit: The link to the forum and social media sites have been relocated to the top of the in-app mailbox]

Also, while other forums are moderated for the protection of the community, I have never seen anyone complain about the mods being overzealous. While I agree forum moderation is a thankless and difficult job, i have often been amused, confused, irritated and angered by moderator action within the official forum.

As I am not directly involved in any of these alternative forums, I will not independently promote any of them or share direct links, However, I suggest it may be worthwhile for players to locate and investigate alternative forums as they are useful resources.

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Back after 5 days ban only for posted a suggestion for the developers to have a look to WoW FB Community page. The incredibile thing is that my post was entirely removed (there was no offence, no mean words, just some sane criticism).


Welcome Back :slightly_smiling_face:

They don’t like ANY negative press.

On a happier note:
5 Days in May, a great :notes: Blue Rodeo tune :notes:

They will get used to it, eventually :joy::joy:

Hello all,
Just a little clarification. All the link to our social pages including the forum have not been removed from the game. They can be found at the top of your in-game mail box.
Thank you


How come you have reduced players from being able to collect FB gems and coin rewards to 1 day only instead of the 2 or 3 days that it has always been?

And how come no one updates us on matters we all discuss here, namely glitches?

You clariify essentially meaningless information but matters than have real game impacts, SILENCE.

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Love the Blue Rodeo plug. Oddly enough 1 of my favorite bands :grin:. I was a member of the other FB page, before I took my 3 month break from game. Thanks for reminding me of that. I wonder if they have spies in these different groups. Sorry to hear about the spanking for speaking your mind.