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Paying to win

Soo, Click-baity title aside…
JWA deserves a lot of credit. They’ve managed to keep players engaged, stimulated… and even frustrated at times :sweat_smile:.
When all’s said and done, they’ve created a community. Being a pay-to-win game is far from unusual for this industry however. Micro-transactions are literally everywhere!

That doesn’t mean we (players) don’t have a say in how they earn their profits. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m very pragmatic in how I make decisions (and how I spend my money).

With that, and the holiday spirit in mind… if you feel compelled to make a JWA purchase, please consider looking through TapJoy* for charitable organizations to donate to in exchange for HC. Hopefully some good can come from your purchase.

I made the following donations in exchange for ~6300HC. There’s no need to make continuous monthly donations if you don’t want to but even a one time donation goes a long way.

Happy holidays everyone!

*I know TapJoy isn’t available everywhere or to everyone. Maybe consider making a donation to the charity of your choice anyway though :grin:


Even going down in person to a local charity and donating much needed supplies is a big help.


Well said, its always good to help those in need of support.

I personally have been donating towards those with Cerebral Palsy for the last 2 and a half years, I set it up so it just takes the money automatically so I don’t worry about forgetting.

I get news letters and such from them from time to time and some calls about how things go in the fight against the disease and those families effected.

I see no reason to ever stop either =)

Here in Australia we don’t have ASPCA but we have RSPCA which is our equivalent.

Edit: That $150 incubator you have been thinking of buying…that money could help fund research or feed the poor.


Happy Holidays! Great cause @Hersh :blush:


That’s really nice, didn’t know this was an option.
Keep this thread bumped, more people need to see it.

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:100: You’re a good man Hersh!

I already donate (don’t feel the need to share how much though) and would LOVE to see JWA /TapJoy do something similar for the charity cause. Unfortunately this is the only GrabJoy rubbish we get in The Netherlands. And none of the surveys ever get completed (get a message half way that due to your answers the survey can’t be completed) so forget about ever getting ANY HC