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Payment issue :(


Morning; my account name is ‘PayTheTrollToll’ #5607.

Earlier I achieved level 10, and was offered the one time 50$ offer. Unfortunately, because I had just earlier in the day purchased a 20$ VIP cash box that was on sale, and the 50$ charge was so large, and so close together, my banking company held the charge, and it said it was declined. Once I had called the bank, and explained that “YES! I am ridiculously trying to pay 50$ for a mobile game”; they cleared the charge. But the JW:A app had reconnected because of the 15 minute phone call, and I lost the offer !

I would really like to be able to purchase the lvl 10 offer; but understand if I’m lost in a loophole. Just would hope since I’m VIP / made other purchases you guys would help.


Nope it’s gone for good. I feel you though man I was really close to leveling to 17 and I really really need coins so I was all set to buy the $50 level up offer. I spent 6 hours today farming finally leveled and bam. The deal is for $2…


How much is the level 17 offer $2… isn’t a number

I am assuming it’s not 2 dollars


It was a deal for $1.99 why?


Just curious I actually thought it was something ridiculous like 200 dollars

I am level 15 and hope it’s there when I get to 17


Nope haha. But now I’m stuck again without the coins I was planning on and 5 out of 8 of my team members ready to level.


Coins! The JWA most elusive creature!


Nah I’m pretty sure that canny brachiasaurus is the sneakiest around. I heard he only hangs out around apples in some winter country to the north.


Hey Chris_Applegate, I’m sorry that you weren’t able to purchase those one-time offers. Our team won’t be able to really do much about that offer because they disappear once you leave the game. However, these type of offers will appear again, so our team recommends that our players have a valid form of payment connected to their game if they want to take advantage of these offers when they show up again.