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Payment issue


as far as i concern, i dont like this AUTO-DEDUCT method, please let us pay you manually. you cant just cut our money just like that! let us choose when or what time to pay you.
talking about auto-deduct, you take my money from bank but you give me nothing. how crazy is that? what am i paying for? are you guys scammer?


Assuming you are talking about the VIP, when you pay it automatically sets up a monthly payment via Google Play. If you go into Google Play you can cancel it and this prevents it from taking it automatically a month later.


yeah coz that vip offer keep pop up on the game forcing me to become one, then its deduct my money. this is the second month. but please at least give me something so i know what am i paying at. no incubator, no gold coins, no dino cash. no nothing.


Hey Lone_Wolf, it sounds like you were subscribed to our VIP membership. VIP members receive a free Epic Incubator upon initial subscription and extended drone range along with other perks as well. There is some more information of the benefits for being a VIP member on our FAQ here:
There is also information on how to control your subscription, depending on which device you’re using. I hope that cleared things up.


extended drone range, you mean extend for extra 50 meter? i will decide when i want to do that but not at the moment. Epic Incubator upon initial subscription? yeah true, but only once in the game. same cut without a month after that, except no epic incubator anymore.

i still want to keep the google payment account but i dont want it to AUTO-DEDUCT every month. can you do that? plus google pay will not let me leave the payment method blank.


im still playing the other games too… piano tiles, mobile legend, lords mobile, pubg and jurassic world. all that games never auto deduct me and im still willingly pay them because its a good game. pay to support the good games. this is the first time where i have to beg to stop taken my money.

this one, this one is something. its auto payment without give anything other than expand radar range 50 meter which is funny. the only way to stop this automatic payment is to stop google pay, thats mean i cannot pay for the others game im playing too. all you have to do is disable this features, but you didnt. you wont listen to your customer. i’m so frustrated. good job guys. applause.


Hey Lone_Wolf, you should be able to adjust your game subscription by going into your Google Play store app and tapping on the three horizontal bars at the top-left of your screen. After that, tap on Account and then Subscriptions, this should bring up the list of games you have subscriptions for where you’re able to adjust the subscriptions of each game. I hope that helps!


Since VIP is considered a subscription, it auto-renews. You can stop that by cancelling it immediately upon subscribing - you’ll get that month you paid for and that is that. But since it’s a subscription, you have to turn it off manually.