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Paywall at Grocknock

Sooooo everyone hit this paywall yet? Absolutely ridiculous.


Hit it at level 4. There was an update today, but doubt it fixes the paywall.

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Yes. Just right now

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Going to take at least a week just grinding to get past current level…

By the feel of it much longer than a week

Which boss was that again? Name sounds familiar but not sure if I’ve fought him

Yep definitely hit a wall in the grocknock stages, this is gonna take a lot of grinding

If ur talking about the stages with the trolls they were super hard. I only beat them when I rolled good initiative and disarmed both the trolls

It’s the ettin

I think quests are going to be where you start to see more gold coming in.

Think I might start spending gems on killing lvl1 Falk to maybe get some gold or at least cards to level up.

Save your gems. They’re too few and far between. Your probability of rolling for a Gold Cache is far lower than a 5gp common equipment set.

They need to fix/add a few thibgs to make it more balanced. A WAAAY lower time to open the bronze chests, 5 min or so would be good. They also need to add the ability to replay stages for chests

I left that out in my suggestions topic for two reasons:

  1. Once they do that, we’ll have to deal with a poorly balanced energy system, which is basically what the Gold has become.

  2. Even with a system like that, it would still take forever to farm the gold you need.

Yeah i personally think fixing arena would be the best bet, make the bronze chest unlock times really short so we can farm

Actually used my gems to get a couple of thousand gold, I know what you’re saying about gems being few and far between but straight up a 1000 gold for 60 gems is well worth it in my eyes, everything else is too expensive to be worth considering.

Yup level 4 and pay wall hit hard, I expected a pay wall at some point but this early is a joke.

Still don’t think it’s enough, you simply don’t make enough gems over time to justify using them on gold.

Volo’s in waterdeep, with adventurers league and Dragon heist/Dungeon of the mad mage

Gold gets you through missions though, gems don’t do you much good.

The gold is a permanent investment in your heroes.

I’d rather have a ton of gold and no gems than no gold and a ton of gems

I usually use 500 gems to buy 10k gold