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Penalty for new player in alliance

I think there should be a penalty if you leave or is kicked out of an alliance and join a new one of 2 weeks no alliance missions rewards , this would help from people jumping looking for good players and invite them to there alliance, ( player theift) or people jumping trying to free load of good alliances that work hard on there missions


I see what you mean but not a good idea. Some people don’t really mean to do this, it just happens sometimes.

That would be unfair to people who aren’t doing those things.

Well then these people can make there own alliance and call it play at your own will we dont care here what you do then they wont have a problem now will they


“There” is a word you use to point at something.

Also, this “freeloading” is really not a problem in the game.


I don’t really see this as a problem.
Not vetting new members is a leadership issue.
Getting into my alliance took quite some time and lengthy discussions on discord.
EDIT: Well I’ll be. I’m 47. That snuck up on me. LOL


Happy Birthday! You think 47 snuck up on you, wait until you hit 50 :wink:

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!
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Alliance jumpers are out there. I only accepted a blind request once on a Sunday when alliances were new. They collected and left on Monday. Lesson learned on my part. There are also alliances that have a revolving door for trading purposes which shouldn’t be allowed. I wish everyone had the same amount of integrity.