Pending Alliance Requests Not Disappearing After Expiring

There’s a red badge that says there are 3 pending requests (all which have expired because I was camping over the weekend)

However, other than a brief flash less than a second (edited to not show usernames):

I can’t see the requests in the alliance screen to manually remove them.

Overall, I wouldn’t say it’s a game-breaking bug, just annoying that I keep thinking there are active requests.

Hey jbthepaysonite, try completely closing and restarting your game.

Let me know if the notifications goes away after restarting. :smiley:

They’re still there after restarting the game. I even tried clearing the cache and data (I’m on Android).

Let me know if you want me to try anything else.

:sweat: I was sure that would work, but I’m sorry that didn’t help.

Our support team could take a closer look at this, however. Could you email our team your support key here at along with those screenshots? Thanks! @jbthepaysonite

Done, thanks @Ned.