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Pentaceratops, Dracoceratops and Dracospinotops Ideas

What about added Pentaceratops and make the Dracoceratops(means Dragon-Horned face) Combination of Dracorex and Pentaceratops
Stats: Health:5019 Damage:1975
Then make an Super Hybrid…the Dracospinotops
(Dracoceratops + 2000 Spinosaurus S-DNA)
and it’s stats: Health:7180 Damage:6012
What do you guys think?!


A tournament hybrid used to make a super-hybrid? Sounds like a good idea but I think it’s too soon.


nice but i hope for nodorex/Nodorex more :D, but we shall see what new dinos Ludia make for us.

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@Mohammed_Johnson hi, nice to see you on the forum as well! (I saw your art on Facebook many times, HUGE FAN.)

This idea is awesome! But I agree with @No1_ishere, it would take a long time for it to happen.


Wow! So nice to see a My Fan here kaka!!!


Dracoceratops? I do not want to see the face of DracoRAT again.

Dracoceratops should be stronger, it has too weak stats for a tournament hybrid,other than that , a huge plus. I do not think you should involve a Superhybrid for it, a Superhybrid for a Tournament creature hybrid will be quite OP. Even Allonogmius,the weakest tournament creature hybrid,if gets a superhybrid,will be OP.

Dracorex Gen 2+ Triceratops Gen 2 in JWA

I normally don’t like to see Alive Hybrid ideas in the Jurassic World The Game forums.
I’m use to it by now.


Yeah, same… I think JWA hybrids are just to force down the whole “look we have hybrids” concept and exaggerate it. It’s fine at JWTG where there are a few hybrids but JWA’s hybrids… Not so much.

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Probably cause JWA has far more superhybrids than JWTG. Spinotasuchus,Monostegotops come from JWA. Pentaceratops is in neither of the games but Dracoceratops is in JWA