People are never happy


Yes there are bugs in the update.

But for pete sake stop moaning about overpowered dinos…

The raptors and cloak have been dealt with and now people moaning about stegosaurus…

Just enjoy the game!!


We enjoy the game but we also want it to improve. It’s not so much whining as it is giving feedback to the devs so that they can improve it. So far it seems to be working, doesn’t it? Apparently they do listen some times. So, if it’s not too much trouble, I will keep “moaning” as you put it.


Someone has a high-level Stego!


My Stego is lv 18 and just got Superiority Strike. Quite frankly was a nice improvement. Developers are doing a great job and put a lot of work into this game. THANK YOU!
Keep up the good job and Happy Hunting Everyone.
Carlsberglewis … Sorry for the complaint!


Me? No… only level 15


The notes of 1.3 mentioned solving power creep. Without leveling and reward people get bored. But that creates power creep.

Rotate which dino’s are strongest.
Rotate where they spawn.
Rotate times they spawn.
Keep details of next expansion secret.

I don’t see what else they can do. They are not perfecting the game they are just stirring it up. Expect future expansions to upset every apple cart.


Stego’s are fine.
Add some tank-killers to your team.


I haven’t seen the stego complaints - are we saying stego is too good or not good enough now? I have a high level one on my team and I’ve been chewed up and spit out in every fight since the update but I don’t think it’s stego’s fault :sweat_smile:


Wow. I think its just a glitch in the update and they’re working on it, because I’m not having issues and mines lv 18.
Did you try doing a restart of your device? Try leaving off to clear the ram for a minute and then turn back on. Helps sometimes.


The problem is that there aren’t decent tank-killers. Rex is the base tank killer and she dies waaaay too fast to be able to handle most tanks after the buff.


I disagree.
I’ve yet to have any problems downing a tank with my Rex.

That said, there are plenty of decent tank killers. Gorgosuchus is a beast, Gorgosaurus ain’t bad either. Dimetrodon and Postimetrodon (now) work really solidly, coupling immunity with the ability to eat shields.

Now some of the hybrid-tanks with moderately high armor and decent damage (Einia, Stegoceratops, etc) are more problematic; but I wouldn’t classify Stegosaurus certainly isn’t one of those.


Fully agree… people moan because they havent worked out who or how to use the right dinos…
Gorgesuchous is one of the best dinos in the game now when you get it up around level 15…

Ferocious strike followed by defence shattering rampage is mind blowing


That said, once “Instant Cripple” is fixed, it’ll make the hybrid-tanks easier to deal with as well, since status attacks seem to be the best I’ve found to handle them.

Note: In these last two posts, I’m using “hybrid” in the sense of being both Tank and DPS type fighters. The fact that they happen to be Hybrid dinos is coincidental.