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People complain about DC but the real pain is

Ardentismaxima. The most broken dino in the game. Peope don’t complain about this dino nearly as much as DC even though it’s broken simply because it doesn’t look like a rat and doesn’t do swap in damage hence considered “cheap”. But the reality is, DC has ways to die. Ardentismaxima, on the other hand, literally beats everything if it crits. It doesn’t even have to crit if you lucked out and got a terrible hand to go up vs. Maxima. It takes 2-3 dinos to bring down a super boosted Maxima. My team got swept simply because I got a terrible hand to go up against it. So how is that fair?
Not to mention I waited 120 seconds to battle, for what? To see my team get beaten by a dino whose main moves are DI and DR. That’s it. 1, 2, dead. That’s all it does. And somehow, it’s “balanced”. No. It’s not. It requires little to no thinking on how to use it.

Ludia, balance. Balance your game. Fix. Your game. Maxima isn’t the only one that is op, with the new dodge mechanic, Quetzorion for example, is suspect. Too powerful. But that’s another subject.


Stop crying…! It’s allways the same thing…


Those are the words that are the problem here


I would pick batlle against maxima all day instead of those freaking RATs,proceRATs and stupid thors
Maxima kill 1 dino and then its anemy setup for its next dino take advantage of that


I agree Max can be a true pain but at least you know what you’re up against and if you manage to put it to sleep you’ll know the thing won’t pull a reincarnation on you…


Being better than rat , does not make ardentis a balanced dino. She obviously needs a nerf.

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I think Maxima is perfectly fine. Hp is okay, atk needs to be buffed and it needs a specific lvl to be strong enough.

Just leave her alone and learn how to counter her. Magna can be a real threat to her.

Don‘t cry for a nerf, it comes faster than u think and then the real complaints will start.

It‘s an Unique, goddammit, made with two epic and one rare, she needs to be strong. She‘s not broken.
And she isn‘t op. Strong, but needs boosts and good lvls to be effective and she‘s also a situational creature.

Broken is Procerathomimus.


Agreed! Maxima is fine. The Real problem is this group of myopic players jumping up and down and whining every time a new dino arrives to upset their perfect little world. Hey, get creative and learn how to beat it – maybe it requires a new critter in your team, or maybe you need to learn how to better apply the attacks from the critters you have.But the constant whining for what needs to be nerfed gets really old and is frequently dead wrong!


Right now the real pain for me is Paramoloch. Heavy on the stun and can’t be stunned back. I see more of these than Dracoceratops these days!


And, there you have it. The same will happen against an creature if you do not have any counters for it on your 4.


Maxima is strong but not ridiculously so - it takes two moves to kill opponents most of the time and then it is usually a sitting duck for the next creature unless you put on something it can handle (like the AI in the epic strike tower - I two shotted its Indo G2, so it put on Indo G1 - same result!). Now if instant invincibility lasted 2 moves that would help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah it is really annoying! I don’t understand why it got imnunity to stun and Toura is still bad.

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Wait till you meet a Geminititan then, hoooooooboy.


My Paramoloch is not doing me that great of a job. Mine is unboosted though and not going to be any time soon.

Yeah because it’s really hard to make pal

It’s not hard to make at all, unless you haven’t played for long or frequently. I’ve stockpiled enough Stydgy DNA to get it to like 23, and parrasauroluphus is easy to find.

Well I’ve played from launch and mine is just about lvl 22. Bigger things wrong with this game atm. So that’s just my opinion


Yes maxima is strong but not op, it is nice having a couple of the big heavies in there amongst the best uniques

Who’s crying?.. I’m simply stating that it is indeed too powerful as is Indo2. Many agree.