People don’t want to play in the arena — they just want to show off their MEGA dinos!?

After about 6 weeks of not playing I got a feeling to open the game again.

Its clear more players have got more boosts during this time and a lot more players have got MEGA dinos with tons of boosts.

Is the game now more about showing off how great monsters they have, then playing for good arena battles?

I mean, how many players are making a team to enjoy a good battle and how many players are just wanting to show there overboosted specific dinos?!


boosts have been sold everyday for over 2 months.

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So the battling is just about putting out a big dino and saying goodbye…

Still no tactics, just boost as high as you can?


Yeah so what. They have been unlimited since the put them in incubators.


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as many as you had time for. and as many as you were willing to buy.
i was just stating something that happened since Moksha has been gone for 6 weeks. the full time shop item isn’t the only factor in how many boosts people get, but it sure is the fastest for those who don’t battle a lot.


There are still good arena battles. Boosted monsters still can’t win games just showing on battlefield.

Yesterday reached Gyrosphere with this team.


Yup 78 days and counting bud…
78 Straight Days of Boost Sales - Can You Overmilk a Cow? I Mean, Whale?

I play for fun but in a small way to show off all my creatures slowly over time although none are boosted. I have 2 more to add to my team of level 20 & 21 creatures.


Putting them in incubators didnt have much impact on the lower arenas… i didnt start seeing fully boosted dinos in avairy and library until after the daily sales began.

Unlimited incubators atleast required players to grind to achieve their boosts… like actually playing the game to improve their teams now.


That’s a really nice image to showcase your collection! And a nice collection. :slight_smile:

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Well, there’s no other way to show the Dino we created other than bringing it in PvPs. So…

When you quit the game for 6 weeks, you may want to immediately drop an arena on your return. What may seem like Mega dinos compared to what you remember will be business as usual to everyone else.
6 weeks is a long time in this type of game.

My alt account at level 11 is facing highly boosted epics.

It’s kind of funny that these players don’t see the folly in wasting boosts on non end game dinos.

Imagine this, badlands (arena 5) has been ruined by boosted dinos, how sad is that!

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If people nowdays put most of all their boosts in to one or two dinos, those will become mega-dinos.

To get all of those boosts, most players need to pay.

In that way, people just show off their payment instead of using any kind of tactic.

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This is true. I’m now at a point I win 50/50. Thanks.