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People getting very angry

Has anyone else noticed that people have been getting unusually angry during this tournament?

Perhaps Quiting Could just calm their emotions but I dunno. It just seems that we have this format every month and every month people flip out over yoshis or something.

Its just odd.


That just JWA


As in on the forums or in the actual tournament while battling?

I get emotions run high during the heat of battle.

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I think its boiling over. Its everywhere.

I just see negativity. No “gg dadjokes, you are really good! wow!” just a lot of anger.


For tournaments, it’s because they get swept (I do too, even with 3 boosted epic hybrids), usually by a procerathomimus. For others, it’s because of bugs and such

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I get that feeling when I battle you too. Usually its because you are the 5th opponent that hour who is just getting the luck and right starts.

I feel people are tired of having to deal with RNG being so random and losing because they chose wrongly at the start or they dun get a crit for 2 to 3 matches while getting triple crit comboed.

I will go Well Played if the opponent really played well. Usually its just who got the crits or bet correctly

Don’t worry @DadJokes this anger has been building up ever since the Dracorat, but what really sparked it was Boost.


I think its everything boiling over. Covid, lockdown, tournaments, bugs, annoying dinos, long wait for new update. Everyone is restless and irritable.



wait, oh yea, I see what you mean.

:wave: how are you!



CharlieBlue i think he means. They have a weird history

was a joke.


Well, I don’t really get DADjokes

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I’ve noticed a build up on fan page. Update might make or break it for some people.

But seriously, what is accusations?

Wait, like the word?

It means that I’m being accused of something.

Like being cranky or irritable. That was the joke. It wasn’t a good one I guess. But they can’t all be winners.

Unless its me in the arena.

We hate yoshi. It’s been a problem for a year and every single tournament this month has had it in it. And jwa refuses to touch it

Ah, ok


My alliance members constantly talk about you. about how they battle you often and had great fights.
its been a while since i was able to fight with you. you beat me up for the most part and then you quickly shot up way past my league with so much boosts you got. i used to have to think a lot about how to place my boosts cause running into you as you kept going to 160+ speeds was getting tricky to deal with.
you are appreciated indeed. and my alliance means no offence when they celebrate after they get a victory from you. its not easy defeating any of your dinos. you are very kool. its nice to see you as a regular participant in all arenas and events of the game.

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I believe they learnt their lesson from DracoRat’s behind the shed treatment.

Dun nerf what is selling boosts and creating anger. Nerfing it will not make things better unless its during a reset where players can climb on to the next boat

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