People joining alliance without permission

Bug Description: Random people can join my alliance without my permission or my acceptance of their request.

Area is was found in: alliance

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- kick an inactive or unkind member
Step 2 - wait for requests, occasionally the request will not go through but will automatically make the person a member.
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: not a lot, but definitely noticeable

What type of device are you using: pixel 2

The previous alliance leader experienced the same issue before I was handed the reins.

It’s not a bug. Unfortunately it’s working at intended. It’s because people in your alliance are inviting them. If a member of the alliance invited someone and they accept, it doesn’t have to be approved by the leader. Yet another reason why alliance leader tools are needed.


Oh okay. I wish that the player’s banner would say “Invited by so-so” or something like that so I don’t accidentally kick them.

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Hey Sammi_Waddell, only Alliance leaders can accept invitation requests. If you notice that DPG members are joining your Alliance without your permission, could you contact our support team here at with your support key so our team can investigate further? Thanks!

You are saying only the leader can accept new members?

I’ve had more than a few randoms show up, and my alliance members have reported they can accept new members.

Might have been current members that changed names…

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Hey DragonHunter, members from your Alliance can invite other DPG members to join the Alliance. However, only the Alliance leader would be able to accept the request.

Our FAQ here has some more info as well:

If you notice any members you didn’t accept as the Alliance leader, our team can take a closer look if you reach out to them.

Ok well I haven’t accepted any of the people any of my members have invited I have to end up asking where they came from cause their just there lol

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If an alliance member invites someone the alliance leader does not need to accept. It’s been like that since day 1 so I’m not sure why they’re claiming it isn’t the case.


This is absolutely true, as Heather states.
When we are recruiting, I will send Discord join links to potential players.
I then ask the other Alliance members to send them a join request when we have their details. I can’t be online 24/7 - so it’s something we do intentionally.
I’ve only ever had one random, who was invited by another member. I asked who it was, and it was fine.
It was always this way!

I’m guessing the Ludia staff turnover is way higher than our alliance members. Lol


Um this isn’t true. I’ve invited and accepted members of the alliance and seen it happens many other times by non leaders. Anyone can send an invite and the other person can join unless something has changed in the last 3 days

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I tell my helpers in my alliance to add people for me all the time.
Any one inside of an alliance can fill up the empty spaces. It is a great tool but it would be better to be able to give moderator powers to others in the alliance too in the future. (and increase the amount of members you can have!!)

I also had a new person show up today I did not invite. Not complaining, he is a solid player, but no one knows where he came from.


If this is how it was meant to be, then it’s bugged because ANYONE in the alliance can bring in a new member without the leaders permission. Been happening since alliances began.

Just reiterating what everyone else said, I have never had to approve someone who was invited by a member of the alliance.

Thanks for letting us know everyone! I’ve notified our team, and they’ll have to look closer into this. :thinking:

In the event they decide that this is an issue can they please consider adding a way that the leader can give certain powers to other members so they can also approve members joining. As most have said, this isnt much of an issue especially since most want their guys to recruit for them. And with some alliances across different time zones it helps if more than 1 can approve. So if you take it all away can you make it to where the leader can promote individuals to have powers similar with the exception maybe of changing leadership.


Don’t remove it without adding something else good enough for us to use. That feature is very helpful.