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People joining clans to nuke a weak alpha only to leave with keys

I am not sure if any other clans are running into this issue… but over the past week my clan has seen a string of high level players joining and leaving within the hour before the alphas expire. If our alpha is weak, they finish it of (usually in one attack) and then leave. Most we don’t catch, but our clan leader did get screen shots of one player who did it.

This past week we have had one person per day join the clan then leave and it is always in the hour before the alphas expire.

The one we caught was a level 50 player who joined the clan with about 30 minutes to spare, dealt ~ 600k damage to our 7-star Shellfire claiming the top damage spot and then left the clan.

Another a couple days later did the same thing on a 7 star Red Death … joined in the last hour, finished off the alpha with a 399k single attack, then left the clan with 3rd place damage keys.

It was nice becuase yes, it was defeated and we all got keys on an alpha we probably weren’t going to defeat… but the fact he just dropped in, nuked it seems to defeat the purpose of having a clan who is supposed to work together to bring these things down. Frankly, I wanted to know how he did so much… but he left before I Could ask anything. May have been a hacker… but the damage number didn’t seem too impossible as I dont know what a player with 8000+ power would do to a 7 star.

Anyone else running into this?

Personally, I feel there should be some time restrictions on alpha rewards… i.e. you have to be a member of that alliance for X hours in order to recieve rewards… this would encourage players to have a vested interest in their alphas.


These are cheating people, they have a modified game and cheat. I don’t know how they get away with it.

There is a small chance there players use a spirit loop team, however i dunno why cant they just make a new clan and just solo the alphas without bothering anyone.

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With an own clan, they could defeat only one alpha per day.
But jumping from clan to clan they can farm thousands of keys per day.

The only way to stop this, would be a new function in the game: you can join only one clan per day. So these cheaters can collect only the keys of one clan.


It has to be cheaters. I have a level 15 player that just joined and got 2,650,000 points on a 9 star violet death. It’s not possible…it’s cheating and Ludia needs to do something about it. How do I report this player?

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I don’t think 1 clan a day is reasonable @Amelia . Nor are hoppers cheaters by definition (and I address this to all). Those who join your clan @MaesterFuzzy2515 , yes, use the spirit loop team and even if they didn’t, they are plain disrespectful to just come and go and never ask if it’s ok. Now, you should all know by now that there are clan families with multiple clans and we do move from 1 clan to another there. Doesn’t certainly mean we mess with your clans. My alliance just helps its own. And if you’ve not ever experienced having multipe teams as 1 then you sure can’t judge it, or forbid it. It’s about the system that’s applicated within a fam’s administration.

I suggest that you make your clan private since you don’t want hoppers, some people will never respect boundaries even if you put “no hoppers” in the clan description. In fact, they’d come worse just to get to you. You can report those who disrespect your clan anyway, you can report the people who do too much dmg via the spirit loops.

And it’s necessary to call for measures against that very team that spirit loops, as some clans take advantage of it to do millions of dmg in 1 hit that would be a hacker’s dmg, but without actually hacking. They defeat Alphas they’re not supposed to be able to and hurt other clans, either by having their comrades relax with the constant defeats nevermind the means, or in the clan they enter good players won’t go and stay. I won’t say names but I’ve seen hackers’ clans and I assume it’s the same thing with clans where the spirit loops are used, having seen screenshots of how much dmg tsome spirit loop users can mysteriously do per hit.
As far as my alliance is concerned, it’s decreased our recruits. You’d be surprised how many want to defeat Alphas without having the teams for them and without pulling effort, they like the providance they take under spirit loop people. And we, we play by the rules so suddenly something good isn’t as attractive to potential applicants.

Btw when a person uses hackery or the spirit loops or a bug for the first time and has no consequences, he’s gonna repeat and want to play that way permanently as it’s more “beneficial”, thus won’t quit it to be fit for a clan. I had 1 join as a disguised member, and he preferred to quit than play with normal teams as I requested. It’s not possible to just stop them from the habit and they’re rare due to the dragns they need to have collected, but it could be easily solved with Ludia restricting the amount of instant spirit boosting dragons to 3. The spirit loop requires 5 instant spirit boosting dragons, so if we can only use a combo of 3 then that’s the end of the spirit loop.

That’s my 2 cents.

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These people who can get thousands/day are either hackers or spirit loop users, and it needs to be addressed. All others get normal rewards. So game just needs a bit of cleaning up

**I counteract suggestion constructively above. Kind of confused you with the poster, then realised you’re different people so I edit.

Well I have a solution for you :slight_smile: you have to have private Clan so you will not have problems with hoppers and you can decide who you will let in or not :slight_smile:
Easy as a pie :smiley:

P.S. If somebody want to join clan (recruit) he will not send his request during Alpha (only before it spawn) … during Alpha most of requests are from hoppers who killed their own Alpha and want to collect more keys for energy leftovers

Thank you for your elaboration. I was unaware of this information.

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Yeah, and in very rare cases we go out the instructions are to not bother a clan that doesn’t welcome it. 99% of the times we just hop within. There are hoppers a d hoppers, in other words.

Now, to make your clan private, you’ll have to delete and rebuild, so collect your people in a social group of choice. Afterwards you determine who enters and leaves, and you’ll also be safe from hackers and other cheaters.

Good luck to you, and it’s ok, I got no prob giving a bit of info once in a while. :slight_smile: