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People may disagree, but I'd like you to bring back Thor's group rampage with cooldown vs the new thor, please

Group rampage made Thor a viable candidate for raids, and it helped with being a potential counter to flocks, all of which are super fast and have distraction. Group rampage made thor a wonderful addition to raids, especially for those of us who don’t have a Mortem yet, or a big enough mortem to raid with. Thor’s group rampage took out the minions when boosted properly, which is often the only way you and your team can survive raids. Please fix this. I spend hours raiding, helping people out, and invested a lot in Thor for this purpose. Unless you plan on a boost shuffle, I would like to see this issue resolved. Taking away group rampage makes it harder to raid with Thor, and also makes the amount of raidable dinos more and more limited. The fun about JWA was the different strategies and diferent dinos you could use for raids, but it now seems that our options for raidable dinos is becoming more and more limited. That’s boring TBH, and unfair to people who never had the opportunity before this update to unlock many of the apexes. I’ve worked VERY VERY hard to get where I am at, and now I feel frustrated with this game more than ever. This, in addition to not fixing the raid bugs, the friends list issues, the lack of compatibility with wifi, and the fact that we now have no boost reset and dinos nerfed left and right (yes, I agree that RS needed a nerf - but honestly it wouldve been best just to get rid of RS and bring back superiority strike… removal of cloak and dodge all the time is still a major problem). Just my opinion, amd I know others will disagree, but I’ve bee playing this game for a very long time now, and as one of the most active raiders in our discord channels, I’m very disappointed with this update (and I’ve been around long enough to “adjust” to all sorts of wild changes, too, so I’m not just some random person complaining about an update).


I actually think Group Shattering Impact is superior to Group Shattering Rampage. It was almost omnipresent while Thor had it in the past and I fully expect it to make a resurgence. It’s very similar to Mortem’s Roar except it does more damage, and overall Thor has much more damage output and better cooldowns and delays now. I see this as a buff for Thor.


After playing the game more it is in some ways better for some raids bc you can pair the GSR with another group move dino… so I’m happy about that. However, for other raids Thos doesn’t seem to work very well anymore - no matter how you cut it. Gorgo is one we struggled with a lot, and I used to do a ton of gorgo raids with my thor. Boa is most likely a no go, too… though boa is straight up crazy anyways. So… While there are aspects of the old thor I miss, I will adjust and learn with the new moves and go from here. On ward and upward I guess


I agree, I agree, I agree, I agree!

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No, actually thordor is arguably better for boa and hadros because you don’t have to wait a turn for the group ability. Me and some friends used thordor in a boa strat and it worked perfectly!

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Thor can actually still beat Trebax with the same team and a slightly tweaked strat. It’s definitely looking like a better option throughout all the raids after 2.9


I personally think it is better for raids in this way. Today I even tried and had some fun trying to come up with an unboosted strat for lux. If ot wasnt for the group shattering impact of thor it wouldnt have been possible.


Actually I LOVE my Thor even more now! I have both Thor (maxed out) and Morty. And I prefer Thor now! Group shattering impact is great and does way more damage than Roar.
Thor totally replaces Morty at any raids so far and makes them even shorter and safer.
So if there’s anything I really like about the update, it‘s Thor!


I would love to see your gorgo and boa strats with thor, been struggling with those a lot!

was it the one with skool, 2 gems, or did you replace a mortem with a thor? I’m very curious now. Spent a lot of time trying to get through gorgo raids with thor and it was shaky - never did one successfully. I know our strat was doable, but seemed extremely RNG heavy. I have a maxed out Thor I wanna run as much as possible if I can.

Yea, for sure!
Works close to 100% as long as every hit isn’t a crit from the snake.

i believe ludia is trying to push flocks for now, less group hit counters is better.

for raids it seems thor has a kit able to hit them all, lol. impact with no delay for all, then strike for lowest hp or rampage for highest. you choose.

I’d recommend joining the JWA Discord server, there’s confirmed Thor strats been posted there for pretty much everything now.

oh wow TY!!!

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yes I’m on there Thanks! It’s great. I frequently check for confirmed strats… I also have friends who make strats, and I’m often the guinea pig lol

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