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People with lvl 30 Scorpius

Boooooo… This creature is way too good already. I know people are all in love with it cuz its new and shiny. But it is WAY too good, and people already have it at 30. Whatever. Shouldn’t be possible to have that good of a creature by day 2

Oh come on, look at the ingredients and you have the answer.
Why blame players. If there‘s anyone to blame, blame the creators.


Well that didn’t take long xD


Oh its completely the fault of Ludia. I don’t know what their goal was or process is, but they should have seen this creature being a problem. Really the complaint is that they allowed it to be created to 30 in one day, I just don’t get it. Some creatures took years to get to 30, Gemini, Magna. And sure they are good in their respective ways, but it took years.


Ludia finally adds hybrids that use ingredients that we have been stacking forever and people are complaining… :roll_eyes:


Uh yea, when it’s a dominant Unique, complaints will happen, Again, creatures that took years of darting, FIP’ing, requesting, are left wayside. Meanwhile this thing is taken to 30 in ONE DAY, and can crush majority. Part of the DNA line should have been Exclusive DNA or something harder to obtain. I hate Exclusives, but hey its there for a reason.

But realistically the reason it is 30 on day one is because we already spent years collecting the components.


I think it’s nice to actually be able to add something meta relevant at end game quickly (I’m short on Mono2, so I can only get to 28 right now). It sucks when there’s something really good and by the time you can get it to team level it’s been nerfed five times over. Meanwhile players in estates/aviary get to play with it as soon as they create it.


Well at least with the introduction of a relevant unique being able to be created in less time than it takes to make a slice of toast, those players who say it’s way easier to get an apex to level 30 might think again!


This unique was max leveled in a day, people still claim apexes are easier to get to 26

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It’s good that some people are enjoying it at least. That I guess is the goal. I personally don’t mind having to work a little for my top tier creatures, makes it more satisfying and deserved. I think creatures should be attainable for all to enjoy and keep this game going forward. But I do not like game changers to be maxed out in one day of release. But hey, as long as people are enjoying the game, that’s good for the game =)

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It wasn’t though. Accumulating all the DNA that was required didn’t happen in a day, that’s been going on for months if not years.


Yeah considering people have played for 3 years and have thousands of these very common dna and lost of coins saved of course top veterans would get it to lvl 30 easily. Compared that to how no one had any of the new creatures out side of deinotherium. I mean when Mrhino came it it took months until someone even unlocked let alone lvl it up.


Be me
-lvl 20
-pvp team maxed out
-get 100k / weekly for alliance missions and strike incubators
-shoot dinos daily for 3 years
-get new unique day 1 with all dna and coins saved up


Add to that the ingredients are reactively easy to access you really just need time and coins to get lvled up

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yes…and almost every top tier Unique has at some point had an Exclusive DNA, or very hard to obtain component, which made it hard to level up. This Unique, has no exclusive or even hard to obtain dna. Mono G2, Carno, Gorgo…never have they been exclusive. For years, the components of this Scorpius were easily obtainable, which made farming easy. Few people were grinding away at any of these. Those that were, powered up their Monolometrodon or Carnotaurkus or something. I have mine up to 27 already, and it shouldn’t have been so easy. Years of catching those 3 components weren’t really a lot of dedication and work. You have it, cuz throughout 2 or 3 years it has been given to you, or was easy to get

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Or here me out, you casually got it since they wild spawns or local spawns. They have also been available in events, tower, battle
Incubators regular incubator etc. They didn’t suddenly hand out like 700k dna to player to get for free they earned it.

The death knell for Tryko and Dioraja and a huge blow for Gemini and Maxi. 4 dinos that took ages to create never mind level up!

I really do wonder if these things are even considered by the powers that be in Ludia.


Why not? If you had the dna available and the coin after year why wouldn’t be easy; heck if they ever bring that alankylosaur hybrid I guarantee you almost everyone would be able to unlock it day 1. Not cause it’s easy to get but we been waiting and fusing for years waiting for that dna to be useful.

To a new player getting the DNA required is hard and time consuming considering how much coin and resources you would need but to veterans it’s basically just a relief to finally put that dna to use. It all perspective based.

Before brachi was exclusive maxima was semi difficult to make, yet now it’s one of the hardest and most resource consuming hybrids in the game. Does that make it’s easier than Gemini to make considering Gemini has always been exclusive? What if diplodocus is released into the wild does become easy to make now? Does grypo have to be garbage since it’s unlocked just as easily as Scorpius? How about Indo? Thor? Mammolania?


Um yeah they do cause while it beat some unique like those mentioned it also gets it butt handed to it by the apexs, cunnings and others. Just cause it defeats these 4 doesn’t make it broken.