People with sarcorixis in their team

Im one of those. A rare breed. Mainly because I love the creature, but since my sarco is high level and boosted I find it useful… Are there anymore people who uses sarcorixis? And if so why?
I know sarco is not the most skillfull creature… but I like it! Could use a buff tho!
-ferocious impact? Lockdown impact? 25% armor? Shattering strike?
Opinion on this creature? Bad? Good? Cool? Ugly?


I use it. Unfortunately the higher you go the worse it gets. It’s a nice mid level dino but I wouldn’t use it any higher than the ruins. On another note, it is a great Indominus stopper when used properly.


I like it, but it deserves a touch more armor

I think swapping lockdown strike for instant pinning strike would be a great buff as well

I’ve thought a few times about leveling and boosting it all the way up to team level if it had some tweaks


I like it, especially the design, but don’t use in my team atm. I liked that it got a health buff, but then it got that damage nerf and I was like dang it. I think it should either get the previous damage back and instant pinning, or get ferocious impact and instant pinning and keep the damage it has now. And the armor, that thing is a croc, it could have at least 20%.




If you really like a dinosaur and have fun using it then I see no reason not to use boosts on it!
(this is a game guys fun is more important then Meta - and yes I realise its more fun to win than lose but come on)

I myself love Brachiosaurus so I boosted up Noodle, my Nodopatotitan!
She has nearly 7000 hp and over 1200 damage, she is a pro at taking out Erlidom and Utahsino and surviving big hits. Even tanks Indominus and Erlidom cloak boosted criticals without shield up, with shield they hit like Noodles lol

Anyway, use dinosaurs you like and boost away, fun is whats important, this is a game not a production line, you don’t have to maximise efficiency at the expense of fun!


Mine is 27. She is not boosted. (I have zero boosts on all dinosaurs.)
I send Grannie GatorCroc out looking for trophies all of the time. Grannie doesn’t bring home as much as I would like though.
I agree, she deserves more armor.
I love her because of that lockdown and stun. Her lockdown has become her own defeat many times :face_with_thermometer::laughing:
Sarcorixis is a Sand Dunes baby. I stopped leveling her for two reasons. 1) Give way for someone else to raise her 2) She is my highest lvl dinosaur.
I will not bench her for a long time. She’s a team player. She is part the band and not a solo artist.

Sarcorixis is like the Betty White of dinosaurs. She is sexy, cool, and packs a punch. She seems like a wise woman who has trudged through more than she lets on. Act cross with her and get ready for some good, old-fashioned discipline! Or, we can go shopping for some new sunglasses :sunglasses: She’s been wearing that same pair for decades.


Totally agree!

What a move & and stats i want to be real to sarcorixis.

Speed = 118 (just little bit more)
Armor = 15%
Damage = 1300 (it’s have ferocious strike so
it’s enough)
Health = 4200
Crit = 5%

• Pinning strike
• Maiming wound (bleed 0,4 opponent health
for 2 truns, cooldown: 2 (it’s not new move,
but this move just it’s just that this move
hasn’t been seen until now))
• Greater stunning impact
• Ferocious strike

• Swap in defense

So combo will be like this:
0. (To more useful use it after swap)

  1. Use maiming wound to bleed unimmune
  2. Use greater stunning impact
  3. Use ferocious strike
  4. Use reguler strike
  5. Use maiming wound (if you still
  6. Use reguler strike ( you are lucky if you
    still alive)
  7. Use greater stunning impact (maybe you
    die before use it)
  8. Use ferocious strike (really? You still
  9. Use maiming wound (you dead)



I used one all the way through Ruins and into lockwood because it was a brilliant Indominus counter. Yes; Alankylosaurus is a thing but I found Sarco more useful overall with higher damage, stun and later the ability to lockdown opponents to prevent Draco bs. I have unfortunately had to bench her recently though because she really cant do much against the superboosted uniques I face, and Indominus fades out in favour of Erlidominus who will just hit and run against her.


There is little value to Sarcorixis versus the prime ingredient of Einiasuchus since they nerfed Sarcorixis during the 1.7 patch lowering the damage from 1300 to 1190 even though they raised up Sarcosuchus damage (Common ingredient)
This is the level 26 stats for
Speed = 117
Armor = 20%
Damage = 1300
Health = 3870 (With Armor = 4644)
Crit = 5%

This is the level 26 stats for
Speed = 117
Armor = 15%
Damage = 1190
Health = 4200 (With Armor = 4830)
Crit = 5%

They both have the same two starting move sets of Ferocious Strike and then Greater Stunning Impact. Since Einiasuchus has a higher base damage. It’s output damage per turn is better.
Einiasuchus First hit is (1300 X1.5) is 1950 the second hit of Greater Stunning Impact influenced by Ferocious strike is 2925. Total = 4875
Sarcorixis First hit is (1190 X1.5) is 1785 the second hit of Greater Stunning Impact influenced by Ferocious strike is 2678. Total = 4463
Lock Down Strike is a useless skill.
For some reason Sarcorixis basic strike only pierces armor. So although it’s value is better than a basic Einiasuchus strike which has no ability, it is not much better because of Einiasuchus higher base damage…

Einiasuchus has adrenaline pulse which is a priority heal for 25% and cleanse. This is a huge advantage against the damage over time attacks.

Ease of leveling. If you are in any team that is active, it should be raining Einiasuchus DNA.
Also the ingredients for Einiasuchus are plentiful with Nundasuchus global spawn and Einiosaurus which is one of the main commons for Zone 2.
To get to level 30 with Einiasuchus you would need about 260000 DNA of the 2 common ingredients of Nundasuchus based on a 22.5 average gain per combine. It would also be about 5190 combos at 50 coins each.

On the other hand for Sarcorixis you need the park spawn of sarcosuchus.

To get to level 30 with Sarcorixis you would still need about 150000 DNA of the 2 common ingredients of Nundasuchus and Einiosaurus based on a 22.5 average gain per combine. It would also be about 3000 combos at 50 coins each. Now to that you would have to add about 300000 Sarcosuchus DNA it is about 1500 combos at 200 coins each.

Head to head Sarcorixis is better. That has a lot to do with legendary creatures beating rare creatures when there are ties.
Sarcorixis also has a weak swap in ability.
Otherwise Einiasuchus wins in the categories of
Ease of leveling.
Cost to level
Versatility against Damage over Time creatures.

It is basically one of the worst upgrades in the game because of this.