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People you didn't match with

There are quite a few matches id like to match with but the havent “liked” on there end am i just not able to match with them? Because all my matches are “on a brake” :sob:


Same! I think I’ve got 8 on break and I either don’t like or can’t match with others…I feel like there are duplicates of some of my matches or the storylines will be really similar so that’s why you can’t match with some of them, dunno if that’s true but that’s what it looks like to me.

I want more matches :sob: I just wanna keep playing.

I think your right i matched with William on lovelink and matched with Julian on whats your story and its the same that sucks tho I was excited for a new vampire story and Victoria is the same as Sage alright whelp I perfer my original matches

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Our team is still actively working hard on expanding the content. :smiley: In the meantime, some of your matches may still be trying to get the hang of using Lovelink.

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Yeah like I’ve noticed that I stopped getting matches as well, like at this point I literally swipe right on anyone to see if I get a single match lol

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Same! Literally swiped on every other possible match and nothing. Now I gotta go through the ones I don’t like just so I can keep playing :rofl::sob:

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Same ahaha.

After looking at some other threads and downloading the What’s Your Story game (where LoveLink first came out) one of the reasons why you can’t get new matches is because some characters share the same story/dialogue. For example Jonathan Hayes and Albert Bishop have the same story/dialogue which is why you can only match with one of them (because why would you play the same thing twice??). Same goes for Liam Park and Min-Jae Lee, same story just different faces.

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So I matched with the guy that’s the exact same as Skylar (forget his last name), but I want Skylar, so I unmatched with the other guy. So does that mean I can match with Skylar now or no? Am I stuck with the other guy that has the same story as Skylar?

Someone else had his issue and I’ve tried it out on a throwaway account I have, but it seems if you unmatched with someone you still can’t get the other character who shares their storyline as if you should ever rematch with the other character the storyline resumes where you left it rather than start over completely. So unmatching is more like putting a pause on the story with them than actually resetting your relationship and being able to pick the other person instead.

I really wanna match with Dr Vile, he seems really hot.


Thats really bad. I have characters I really wanted to match with and now I have found out that I can’t because they share a story with somebody else I swiped on?
The characters all have different pictures, how can I unlock all the pictures if I can’t even match some characters?

For every storyline there are two characters who share it so you can only ever match with one of then, yeah. You can sometimes more easily guess with some than others who may share storylines based on their bios. For instance Kayla and Jasmine have similar bios and express similar interests to indicate they have the same storyline.

The only way to get the photos of the other character is to match with them on another device. However, the photos are the same for both characters with the only difference being whose shown in the photo. Otherwise the pose, location, etc. are all the same.

Yeah but when some characters just look outright better, such as Ruby, its a bother to miss out on them

I was informed that if you unmatch with a character then after a a few attempts you can possibly match with the counterpart. It just takes a little while. So far I’ve only seen one person say this and it was their friend who experienced this, if I remember correctly and not them personally, but hopefully thay can work.

Same! Oh My goodness I want to match with Dr. Vile so bad and I’ve come across his profile three times now. I always swipe right but we still dont match.

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Hopefully his story will start to be released soon so you can match with him in the near future!

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From what I have read, apparently even unmatching doesn’t allow you to match with the counterpart, as you can match with the unmatched person again and continue the story.
Being able to unmatch and then match with the counterpart would force you to repeat the same story and I feel the devs want that to remain as secret as possible

Someone claimed that their friend was able to match with the counterpart character after a few attempts following unmatching with the character they had first. I haven’t seen anyone else claim to have the experienced the same yet, so take that with a grain of salt.

I think the whole thing of two characters sharing the same story is fairly quickly becoming less of a secret, but one of those things the dev’s and staff themselves won’t talk about perhaps.

Is there just people you can’t match with? :sob:
I’ve downloaded and redownloaded the app a million times for a fresh start just so I can get Nico DeLuca but I have yet to match with them. Is there just filler characters or-?