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Peoples teams


Because 1.7 is almost here and it will probably cause a change in the meta, it would be interesting to see peoples teams now and then a bit after the update, to see how much they changed. They might not change at all apart from DC. But it could be interesting.
So this is mine so far


A bit unbalance.
Don’t know what to use.

Looking forward for a cat !

Please Please Please!

Make it easy to level up New dinos so we can get variation in arena!



This is my team now

The day before patch drops I will be playing strictly bleeders and all three dracos… And after patch until new ones are achieved… Just because


Nice you use a swap in bleeder like me
Ever since I got Dimo in marshes, I leveled it a loved it. I slightly prefer Darwez because of higher damage and health, but it’s speed isn’t great and it has no lethal wound. The amount of Thor’s and Trykos killed by Dawez is funny


Honestly as part of my prep for new patch I’m using every thing. It’s letting me drop. Reminding me how to beat them and I’m boning up on how to play and mix different skills


Gigaspike has been a HUGE help for me recently as a DC counter, and it’s surprising how many Indos my Spinotah has killed because people don’t know how to deal with it.

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Mine has been switched around a little bit recently. I’m also slowly making my way back to aviary.

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If “Remy” gets nerfed I don’t care, I got at least a small time to feel its power
Edit: its in my team but only lvl 18



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No rats on this one :smirk_cat:


I’m getting rid of it in 1.7. thinking of adding Koolambourgania as a counter for it


Hope this team is still able to battle with success. And yes I’m not proud using the rat