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Percentage-Based Healing Priority

Having taken a couple weeks now to see how raids work, and how the new roles work within them, I have a humble request regarding healing. If I am using an emergency heal, I would like it to go to the creature with the lowest percentage of health remaining, not the creature with the lowest hit point number.

Currently, if I have a tank missing over half of its health, and a damage missing only a small fragment of health, as long as the hit point total on the damage dino is lower, the emergency heal will go to them. This isn’t helpful when a team is relying on the tank to absorb big hits that would OHKO everything else on the team. Rather than using the heal in this case, I (and other healers, I’d bet) have to wait to heal until the tank takes even more damage, or sometimes until the group heal comes off cooldown, whichever is first. Usually, the group heal won’t heal the tank enough, but hopefully it will top off the damage, so you can use the emergency heal freely. Unfortunately, it kinda makes you waste a healing move. If you’re lucky, that group heal will come back clutch two rounds later, before anyone gets knocked out.

I realize strategy is important and all that, but this doesn’t feel strategic, it just feels like an oops in the healing design. Perhaps others find themselves needing to heal damage more often (in which case, what is your tank doing??), and want it to stay the same, but I think with a full, balanced team, the percentage-based healing priority is more effective. Keep tank up, and your damage shouldn’t be constantly courting death.

After reading the comment below, and not knowing previously that the emergency heal will attempt to heal a full-health creature, as long as it has the lowest hit point total, I now think this is an even more important change. It can be the difference between an otherwise well-structured, competent team beating a raid, or losing. Devs, please help us!


i would also like this change. i was in a Mortem raid and i tried to GES the Maxima but it healed the already full health dino that had a total max hp less than Maxima’s current HP. it wasn’t helpful and Max went down shortly because we couldn’t get it’s HP back up.


Yes, exactly! That is not working as intended. The only reason I haven’t done that yet is pure luck.

And of course, now I have to remind myself to check every time before using emergency heal…

That bit me in the behind when I first did the smilo raid.

Wait, what? But in the release notes it specifically says that this doesn’t happen.

So, it’s a bug then?

probably. that’s why my GEH in the one mortem raid healed spyx instead of max even tho max had taken more damage.

It’s says lowest HP so I think it’s by HP points and not HP% which is really dumb as I almost lost a nemys raid cause of this

Idk @Ned can you help us with this?

@th3bub14. Forwarded to our team. I’ll try and get back to you once I have more info. :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks man


Hey everyone, it looks like the healing is currently working correctly! Our team will be adjusting the information on the release notes soon.

The suggestion/feedback on how you would like to see Emergency Heal work has been forwarded, however.

Thank you!


Thats unfortunate. The description in the original patch notes is how it should work. Feels really bad “healing” a full health creature when there’s another at 60% but slightly higher numerical health.

We’ll that’s…weird. They took the trouble of explaining an intuitive take on the mechanic in the patch notes, only for it to be another mistake? Add it to the pile, I guess, along with Daryx getting SI-Wound and Crafty Strike’s extra effects.

@Ned, say that the devs do look into changing it to what I’m sure everyone wants it to be, how long would that take?