Percentage % of Direct Hits

I am curious about how good players are with their darting. I am definitely quite bad when it comes to darting.

Today’s daily mission has number of darts fired and number of direct hits. So I decided to check my percentage of direct hits.

So far I’ve fired 160 and got just 100 direct hits. Mixture of commons (velo, nunda, tarbo, deino, Allo, etc) , rares (teno, puru, erlik2, mega, trex2 etc) and several epics (smilo, raja, ptera) .

So a lousy 62.5% direct hit rate. D grading at best :weary:

I would love to know my direct hit % but never have fire darts and the direct hits mission on the same day.

Differs per day greatly, on Monday morning when I cycle to work I usually do the 6-12 epics before anything else, which are never many direct hits. On other days when sitting at home darting Apatosaurus I could get up to 90%.
I’m trying to get a perfect 100 one day, 100 direct hits in a row. It’s not easy :slight_smile:

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Oddly enough I never have direct hits and darts fired on the same day either. But with the exception of epics and some rares, I am pretty spot on with direct hits. I can usually get max on all the commons in my area…

I can safely admit that I am horrible with darting. :raised_hand:


Device is key here. iOS is much smoother than Android

It depends mostly on what you’re darting… so numbers wouldn’t tell us much. If I only dart nundasuchus I’d be above 90%

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Apato is an easy one as well :upside_down_face:

Dude I’m probably about 40%… lol (on a day where I catch a proportional mix of common, rare, epic)

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Haha. Have you tried all types of darts? Maybe the others might work better.

Yeah I was looking for feedback for this type of darting. A mixture of creatures that one would find walking around and not just darting one particular creature like what some others mentioned.

Of course if you dart just apato or velo non-stop your % will be high. That’s a given.

Hi @Ned is it possible to have stats on player’s darting, battles etc. I had previously made a suggestion on this.

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So, 67%… Not very good if you ask me :slight_smile: But there was lots of wobbly Allosaurus, 10+ rares and 4 epics.

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Hey Whistler, I can definitely pass the suggestion to our team. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Ned. :grin: