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Perfect example of arena unfairness

Here is what a player in top 30 faces

He fights bots like this all the time making it easy for him to collect trophies and rewards. Meanwhile 1300-1400 trophy range, well outside top 200 face 6.2-7.8 bp human teams which are better constructed than bot teams.

Why should top 30 players face easier teams than low players? @ned @marcus


Hense why there is a massive gap from top players to bottom 200 lol.


Is this real or a joke?

Bye i dont even bother playing arena now.

With boosts for defenders dragons and with unfair matching It Is impossible to win.


They should remove all bots completely . And they should be matched with people with similar rank instead of similar amount of trophies. It’s not real-time fight so you don’t need to worry if there isn’t one appropriate opponent around.


I feel like cutting down trophies to a half messed everything up. People were quite close to each other before and now it’s even more dense, just like if you’re running a race and everyone is stuck in the field and can’t pass anyone, regardless if they’re slightly stronger or weaker than others.
Bots show that someone at 2000-3000 trophies should have a defense team around 3500-5500 BP according to devs. But that’s not the case, most real players between 1000 and 2000 trophies have defense teams around 6000-7000 BP, just the same as higher ranked people.
I don’t feel like we’re getting “in order” by fighting, let alone introducing a proper ranking. We’re only bouncing up and down in our league until we’re lucky enough to advance in trophies a bit and get bots, then rise up to the next rank where real players are around with their defending teams and then we’re stuck again.

In my opinion the only solution would be to let everyone fight bots only for one season and then remove bots completely for the next ones. This way everyone is able to settle down in a proper ranking because bots BP strength is bound to trophies. It would spread the “field” we have now and you would barely come across 7000 BP Defense teams in lower rankings because no one got stuck there. After removing the bots you’d hopefully be around equally strong players and lower ranked players would be actually weaker, higher ranked ones stronger.

In addition I think that everyone should be able to collect full rewards for all leagues they already mastered by the beginning of a new season. Otherwise not-top-200 players are encouraged to fall as low as possible in trophies right before the season ends to be able to collect the rewards again rising up in the next season - which will cause players being too close to each other again and we’d be stuck just like now.




I arrived back at the bottom, with 0 Cups, in the Arena.

Personally I think maybe we should all start at the bottom again each new season, those at the top get a head start as they are already half way there! But I haven’t thought through what that would actually mean so it might be a really bad idea - but even silver (where I ended up last season) seems so impossible this season.
I Definitely want to see the actual stats of an opposing team, all players, not some arbitrary made up stats which is what we seem to see.


I’d love if I could make lower BP teams when I’m in the lower tiers… but even in Copper or Bronze, if I don’t have my best team put forward at all times, they get pummelled.

It would be nice if I could bring a few good Rares dragons into the battle mix, but even when when their specials are paired well, they just don’t have the power to survive. Maybe lower tiers could have a BP or even star cap? Got a maxed out Legendary? Cool, but they can’t be used until Silver tier. Sort of like how you couldn’t breed your best dragons until levelling up the Breedery.

A BP cap alone doesn’t prevent a player from having one massive BP dragon and then a bunch of low ones… so it’s a thought.

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I would say the problem is how they get trapped there. People with stronger dragons should reach somewhere higher but they just can’t get there. They are stuck. I would also suggest for every season people need to reset their team so some people with powerful team but no longer play would just be out of way instead of dropping all the way down to be matched with new players.


Getting trapped is definitely an issue… stronger players can’t get into higher tiers because even stronger teams are down with them… Newbies have to wait to get knocked down to Wood to even win. it’s a little like grid lock. Maybe the difficulty got upped Arena wide to slow down overall trophy progression…

But what if only Rares or 3-star not quite levelled up Epics were allowed up to Bronze, then newer players would still have a chance to climb, and those with really good dragons would be be encouraged to have a fuller roaster, not just a few good Legendaries of each color. It would keep the gameplay a little more chill and accessible. And here the hybrids would really pack a punch… their BP and star level are still low but they give that edge.

Once at Silver, Epics and 4-starred Legendaries would be allowed in the mix, and suddenly newer players won’t have the same sort of dragons needed. Same thing for the maxed out Legendaries in the Gold or Crystal.

And this could apply only for defense, and any dragons could be chosen as an attack team. Or it could be across both attack/defence, as a way to keep BPs more equal and not just up to an attacking player’s mercy to spare someone way lower.

IDK I’m cool with always using my strongest dragons as cleverly as possible in terms of their order and working their specials together, but I have a ton of Rares I love using in regular grinding teams. It would be great if I could use them in PvP a little too…

If that were the case, I wouldn’t care if my trophies were half or zero at the beginning of a season.

I hope not. I am already having problem getting enough eggs to level up my 4* and 5* dragons, and I kind of lack hangar space. And not so levelled up epics? I believe epics are not so easily acquired. I don’t want to have to level up two of the same species. Let us just say you can put stronger epics but they would be weaker in this mode. Still some epics do have super abilities which makes them much stronger than 3*s.
Only good thing may be that most people can finally win attacks in arena, at least in lower tier, and reach win streak and get the medals and complete duties. People still will have problem going upwards in every tier because it would means in bronze people may hardly get to win any defense at least at the beginning of every season. They would finally really need pay for protection.
Still far better than the present arena.

Other than having to be clever with your roster space, there is no downside to having more dragons. Not one.

You’ll get rewards for new species in your Book of Dragons, you’ll have more places to dump fish and other dragons when you need the resource space, which will lead to more Fishlegs duties completed faster, which means more chests. You’ll have more options for events, which include species, star tier, or color locks, which given more of those much needed resources like fish, eggs and draft tokens.

You’ll get to a point where you are guaranteed to complete a weekend event and get the Premium token at the end, giving you more chances for those dragons. But even then, Legendaries are a <1% chance, so get ready to draft a lot. you want options options, not just mega BP.

Breeding is probably going to give you your best chances at getting the best dragons, since you can pare it down to a single species. Want Murklurker? Best to have two Waveshakers to breed.

What about future unknown hybrids? Sure would be nice to already have the parents of that dragon. Especially two Epics, you could start breeding for the Legendary hybrid right away.

I didn’t start steam rolling until I realized I should be saving and levelling all the unique dragons, not just the Legendaries, not just the higher BP. Getting more experience means higher levels, means more roster space.



Don’t let the 50 level cap fool you it’s not true


The problem is not in the star rating of the dragons we use but in the buff of the defending team. It is extremely overbuffed plus get ridiculously fast filling of their spirit so people with approximately same dragon teams are not able to fight each other. We got from silver to bronze and without weaker bots we cannot advance because we cannot beat each other. Next season if nothing changes we all will be stuck at wood league and won’t be able to advance. If devs adjust the buff of the defense team stronger players would be able to advance and get out of the way of weaker teams.


Even revenge does not work as intended. Say, someone beat my buffed defense team of 7 dragons (I am in bronze league) with their 5 dragons. Now do you think I have a chance to defeat their buffed defense team of 7 dragons with mine 5? Unless they did not intentionally weakened their defense team, the chances to win revenge battle is close to zero.

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I would only agree with the point about events. But even about that, I can complete most ranking-run and get the premium draft with one 3* dragon of the species at 1*. In the changewing homecoming event I can even complete the last level with just the two newly trained dragons from the event. Only something very special like the equinox one may possibly need that.
I don’t need to level up the dragon to get rewards in book of dragons. Dumping fish and other resources is just dumping, just an option when I can’t level up the stronger dragons. If I am intentionally raising a 3* to form a defense team in arena, I would have to keep another copy of it for the future training. I used to raise a second team of 3s but now I have given up because of lack of resources, mostly eggs, and lack of roster space. Having a 3 for breeding would only be helpful if I don’t have a 4* or 5* of the species. And only one is needed. Even if breeding the same dragon, only two required. But raise one for fight? That would require 2 for 3*, 3 for 5* and 4*, let along all those fish and dragons.
I really don’t hope I am forced to level up 3*dragons for the arena. I do have a team to deal with basic bout quest but arena would need one more and very likely, something else.

Since the reset i havent been able to get paired with any around my dragons conbat level its usually 600 to 1000 high than me. I don’t even care anymore i just attack and hope for the best. Arena is definitely broken and unfair.


Hey Talisax, we’ll be sure to pass this back to our team. We appreciate everyone giving their feedback, as well!

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