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Perfect example of how broken the boost (especially speed boost) is!

I fought this guy with 400+ trophies higher than me and he killed my 3 dinos without a loss.

Every dino I faced had 180+ speed and Magna level 23 was able to beat my many dinos with that speed and 2.4K+ attack

Really this player (below) really don’t belong to just come in with low levels and be rank 18 with 5800+ trophies (picture taken like 8 hour ago)


Yes… Why grind your team for hours to level 30 when you can just instead buy yourself way better stats in few minutes ?
This update litteraly killed the f2p grinders…

Probably a “miscalculation”


We wrote this 14 days ago!

Before the update!


It’s even cheeper to buy yourself up with the boost (that was sold) then buying all coins to level up! :joy::end:


Yeah I kinda miss when matches were close… just played two games… i lost to a boosted thor 3-0 first game… i won with a boosted thor 3-0 second game…

One the bright side rng wasnt much of a factor.


We want more variation i arena.

Now it’s only about 2 dinos!

FAST Thor + Overlevel DC



Agreed completely.

Some, you and I among them, we warn them only to see the notes of the version. Modify the health or damage statistics “Modify” the game, modify the speed statistics, break it. I would prefer that there were not any Boosts, but some very controlled Boosts (for example between 1 and 10% maximum) of health or damage could be useful to see a Magna with a little more health facing a tragodistis with a little more damage. Of course, people who pay could go faster than those who do not pay (the game needs income) so that at a certain time an F2P could have their creatures increased by 2% and a user of payment had them at 7% ( which is roughly equivalent to one level in the game). The user of payment would have an advantage but a non-payment user could be one step behind hunting the same or equal to him based on many hours of hunts. A small imbalance would have been introduced in favor of the paid players but not an imbalance that would break the game.

At that time there was still time to change the version, now it will be more difficult but I hope they find a solution.

NOTE: A moment ago a Magna of level 24 boosted to the maximum has devastated all my equipment of average 28.

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I wouldnt say its just two… my utasino is doing pretty well… its 21 damage is tier 5… so it has 50 less damage then a 27… i havent boosted its health much yet… but its definitely had its thor like moments…

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True mate.

Some more good dinos when boosting! Utasino have a good spot I think, haven’t meet them in 5000 yet.
I think most players spend their Sino on THOR at this level.


The situation is really bad now.

Players who missed this weekend can’t compete anymore.

Ludia must fix this in one or another way.


It is so obvious when I look at the trophy counts of my friends who spent the money on the unlimited boosts and who didn’t. I’m just waiting for most to get ahead enough so that hopefully I don’t encounter as many and lose even more than I have.


They could implement a maximum of 6 boosts per dino and boost in general not by type that would make people think twice what to boost insted of boosting speed and damage like maniacs, although yeah removing boosts would be the best option but come on we all know Ludia wont do it

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