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Perfect Match Bundle Contents

Let‘s look inside what we get for 20 bucks…


image image image image image image


Yes, good deal cause you know you are getting really good dna, cash or coins awesome !

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Yeah I also thought of bying one. But after reveicing crappy DNA from epic strike inc I decided to not do and go to cinema instead tomorrow!! :smiley:
Battle Angel waits for me! ^^

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I loved that incubator…got 100 sinocera dna…lots of other goodies too…

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I want to buy them too but seems like while sitting at 20K DNA of Baryonyx I should not bother with buying it.

Are you still finding Bary in the wild? I am from L1 and haven’t seen one Bary since 3 weeks may be.

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Frankly I see him like 2 to 3 times in a typical hunting day. Today alone saw it twice and didn’t darted as 20K is max you can hold.

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Oh lord!! :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I see Bary a couple nights a week in zone 4… darted 2 of them last week… :slight_smile:

The coins and cash were sweet but the 3 fuses worth of bary … Woot woot

I am jealous… No, not about the DNA contents!! I want that 100k+ coin gain!! :sob:

True but 100k coins are nothing in the higher levels ;-/

Yesterday i had evolve party (once per month). There gone 1.5mio coins away :sob::scream:

I got 363 sino DNA so I feel good. These special deals are generally good value.

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