Personal boost reset

This is a suggestion for an in option to activate a personal boost reset, for an in-game price, say 1m coins or 10k cash? That way people could shuffle their boosts around if they wanted to. As that’s a lot of coins/cash to pay, people could either grind to collect, or pay for coin/cash packages?


Would a sound idea, until u realise by giving us that option they will never do a free boost reset again, cos they’ll be like you already can do it, just pay some money to get it. -Ludia

I still think tokens that would let you reset the boosts on ONE dino would be the best.

Some creatures being nerfed: Ludia could give us some tokens.

Once a month, we could have something hard to do to win one token.

We may be able to buy one, once a month (yes they should be expensive).

So basically, no need for full boost reset/shuffle if tokens are somewhat available depending on the situation. And it would allow us to change our dinos slowly, which would be good for the meta. Currently, when there’s a boost reset, everybody simply pick the top dinos, and the meta is stale right away for months to come.