Personal Buff List

I see on the forum a lot of “nerf this” or “X is OP.” So, to do something a little more positive, I want to know what 10 creatures you’d like to be buffed and why (2 from each rarity from Common through Unique). They do not have to be underpowered. You can say Sarcorixis, Eremoceros, Glyptodon, Woolly Rhino, or Entelolania if you like. Just do not say a billion hp or Instant devestation with 10000 attack. Be reasonable. Here are mine:
Common 1: Euoplocephalus. This is my personal favorite dinosaur in general. And being my favorite, I would like it buffed of course. I would like to give an immunity to decel like scolosaurus, 1000 attack, and a new move called swap-in shielding strike, which basically says it all.
Common 2: Dimorphodon. One of my top pterosaurs, Dimorphodon is a bit underwhelming in game. It is now Ludia’s new monomimus with it having a pitiful 500 attack. So, I would like do what Ludia would do and remove 500 hp, but give it 1200 attack. And, then I would also throw no escape on there and wounding impact (.3 for 2 turns and an impact). Now it’s something to fear.
Rare 1: Diplotator. Diplotator is my favorite rare hybrid. It does decent, with strength similar to something like Blue. But I want to improve it. First up is an immunity to decel and distracting impact. Throw in an extra 400 hp and I think I’m satisfied
Rare 2: Whuerosaurus. I remember unlocking this guy and using him to demolish raptors during the raptor meta, and I still used him for quite some time. Then after I had moved on, he’s still be on my team in rare tournaments up until 2.0. Now, he needs a comeback. I would buff his attack a small bit. Maybe 1100 or 1200, and then give him a decel counter. After that, he’s back on his feet.
Epic 1: Dimodactylus. This thing is basically the Jim Carrey “NOPE!” meme in the form of a hybrid because either the opponent forgets it has no escape or I swap it in before they swap out. I wouldn’t mind giving it a bit of hp (like 200) and small wounding counter (represented by the tupy parent), where it does 10% of max hp of the opponent every time it gets hit
Epic 2: Amargocephalus. I love its common component, and I love this guy as well. I would love to give him a medium resilient counter and maybe decel rampage for some output. Throw in immunity to stuns as well.
Legendary 1: Spinotasuchus. I loved this guy’s design, and still do. I remember when it was the king of the legendaries. Sadly, spinotasuchus has been on a downward trend for some time. What I would do is first give it immune to decel. I would sollow up with a solid 1300 attack. Finally, throw on swap-in wound and cleansing swoop. Let’s bring him back
Legendary 2: Monostegotops. Already a solid option now, I love monostego, and I hate to see it keep getting nerfed. I would like to first give it cunning strike. Next, give it 120 speed. I want a fast ceratopsian. Next, give him some hp back (like 400) and then I would be happy.
Unique 1: Erlidominus. I love erlidom, and there is one thing I would give it: Immunity to decel. I do not care if it’s a cunning, or how it should be slowed because resilients and what now. No. It’s not like it’s beating tryko or dio or mammolania anytime soon. I want erlidom to be restored to its rightful 100% immunity to decel.
Unique 2: Diorajasaur. I know it’s strong now, but it’s my favorite unique. It’s got a nice design and a good moveset. I wouldn’t mind dio getting a little extra push like superior vulnerability. Why not?
That’s mine. I know some of these may be broken (like the dio one), but who cares? I just like these creatures and would like to see them buffed so I can use them more than I do now. If you have your 10, just say them and why.


Yes, but which Apexes do you want buffed?

Ok, well, there’s 3, and if I had to bet 3000 dollars on which one is most likely gonna be chosen, I’m making an easy 6 grand on mortem lol


I’m down for that Monosteg buff :ok_hand:t2:
Vlad would appreciate it, very much.


Mine is level 29, and I would love to boost it, but there is no point when my 25 rhino is about the same :frowning:

Pyrritator, Scaphotator, Nodopatosaurus, Gigaspikasaur, Tryostronix, Megalosuchus, Entelomoth, Spinoconstrictor, Stigydaryx, Pterovexus, Pteraquetzal, Pteranodon, Baryonyx, Postimetrodon, Dsungaia and probably a couple of others, apart from the ones already mentioned here.

Edit: Carnotarkus and Carnotaurus too.


Common: don’t care
Rare: Ornitho, Haast G2
Epic: Ankylo, Mammoth
Legendary: Megalosuch, Eremocera
Unique: Skoona, DCsaurus
Apex: None

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I honestly think Purutarus needs a buff… or a new hybrid

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I’m not an amazing player that can recognize and create move sets like all of you, but I seriously feel like mortem could use a slight buff. I’ve seen its stats(unlocked version) from other players, and it could use a small buff in some areas

Oh, you are right. Mortem’s buff can be a slight hp buff (like 60), but that will make all the difference

Common: ankylosaurus gen 2, deinonychus, Dimorphodon, stegosaurus, dilophosaurus gen 2, monolophosaurus gen 2.

Rare: postosuchus, majundasuchus, Echo, Charlie, Delta, dsungaripterus, tupandactylus.

Epic: Rex, Blue, gorgosuchus, majundaboa, postimetrodon, scaphotator, spinotahraptor, edmontoguanodon, procerathomimus, megalogaia.

Legendary: carnotarkus, spinonyx, Spinotasuchus, megalosuchus, monostegotops, stegodeus, tragodistis.

Unique: stygidaryx, pterovexus, testacornibus, entelolania, Spinoconstrictor.

Apex: Mortem Rex


Common: Ankylo gen2, Stego, Dimo,
Rare: Majunda, Purrolyth,
Epic: Majundaboa, Gorgo, Postimetrodon, Spinotah, Erliko
Legendary: Spinotahsuch, Meglosuch, Grylenken
Unique: Erlidom, Eridom, Erlidom, Erlidom, Erlidom, Indo, Stygi

Yes please Ludia. Give it the decel immunity. (It ain’t taking tryko anytime soon)

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Common 1: Dimorphodon
Damage changed to 900 (500)
Speed changed to 129 (128)
Strike changed to Pinning Strike

Common 2: Suchomimus
Speed changed to 114 (104)

Rare 1: Kaprosuchus
Damage changed to 1100 (1000)
Fierce Strike changed to Fierce Impact

Rare 2: Haast Eagle Gen 2
HP changed to 3300 (3000)
Damage changed to 1250 (1000)
Critical changed to 10 (5)
100% Distraction Resistance added

Epic 1: Haast Eagle
HP changed to 3000 (2700)
Damage changed to 1350 (1200)
Critical changed to 10 (5)
Distraction changed to Cunning Strike
100% Distraction Resistance added

Epic 2: Amargocephalus
HP changed to 4200 (3600)
Damage changed to 1000 (900)

Legendary 1: Tragodistis
Damage changed to 1100 (1000)
Speed changed to 108 (105)
Group Decelerating Strike changed to Group Decelerating Impact

Legendary 2: Monostegotops
HP changed to 3900 (3750)
Damage changed to 1150 (1000)

Unique 1: Spinoconstrictor
HP changed to 3750 (3600)
Critical changed to 20 (10)
Distraction changed to Cunning Strike
50% Speed Decrease Resistance changed to 100%

Unique 2: Stygidaryx
HP changed to 4200 (4050)
Armor changed to 10 (0)

Edit: honorable mentions:
Archaotherium, Apatosaurus, Gallimimus, Scaphognathus, Argentinosaurus, Tupandactylus, Darwinopterus, Eucladoceros, Koolasuchus, Dimodactylus, Scaphotator, Dsungaia, Megalosuchus, Entelolania, Dracoceratosaurus, Pterovexus, Testacornibus

Spinoconstrictor , second unique I made & not that long after she came available, the fun I had in taking down the indoraptors with that , since 2.0 she’s lost her mojo , her best trait was sidestep , would have gave the twins a battle with that too, can’t help thinking that’s why they nerfed her imo.

Shame cuz dilophoboa still has it

Oh & keraporky completely out lost to raids, sad because I gave the prorat a hard time with him


  • 100% Resistance to Stun
  • Instant Invincibility changed to Impact & Run or even Shielding Strike or Impact (It really gains no traits from its Stygimoloch side)


  • 25% Distraction Resistance (it’s Dilo side has 100%, as a Legendary it should have at least a partial resistance to something)


  • HP from 3500 to 3750
  • Rampage changed to Precise Rampage


  • HP from 4200 to 4500


  • HP from 4200 to 4500
  • make Ferocious Defense also a strike (the animation already calls for it)

Some good suggestions on this thread (especially the Carnotarkus buffs).

I’m also going to add - Utasinoraptor. She’s really, really bad since the nerf. Either a small increase in attack or just a small HP buff (seriously, they buffed every cunning creature’s HP last update, EXCEPT Utasino and Utarinex - I still barely see either in the arena even after Utarinex’s buff).

Not a good idea. It’s my favorite hybrid too but if somethings balanced it doesn’t need to change. But my main concern is adding vulnerability on a creature with a rampage + counter (with 1200 base damage) is absurdly overpowered! For mathematic terms that is 3600 times 1.5 which equals a massive 5400 points of damage. But the more terrifying part is that it bypasses evasive/distractive properties. In conclusion I would prefer diorajasaurus to say how he is. Although I like all your other points + I love another diorajasaurus supporter :grin:

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