Personal Drops for VIP members

Here is a suggestion to increase your VIP membership. Since many people don’t live close
to a drop. Allow VIP members to be able to place and move a personal drop. For people who
worry about people coming around stopping in front of their house, the drop can be made
to be seen or not seen and used by others. For those willing to share their personal drop, it
would be nice to see others in my area playing.

Basically you would walk to the spot you want it and plop it where your GPS shows you
standing. You can make it so a freshly places or moved drop cannot be used for the 1st 15 minutes so
people don’t abuse it.

For Ludia, they could see where people are playing so they can focus on ensuring those
areas are covers with drops and spawns.


Since the update I have a supply drop 100 m in front of my house… I thought it might be because of VIP, but is probably just a lucky coincidence (several new stops have appeared on other rural roads). It’s also a new spawn point I can easily reach.

Thank you, Ludia! I just hope it doesn’t disappear.

Sounds Like a Great idea! Both for The community and Ludia Themselves. :thinking:

Something like that could even help players in rural areas. I habe never seen an event whatever, there is no park i know within 15 km reach. You could implement a machanism, that spans special stuff close to VIPs. So so the reach of your game expands. Maybe include a check, if there is no special spawn within a certain radius (like 2 km?) A random VIP gets one. For data protection it could be randomly moved, so it is harder for people to determine the VIP’s home.

Relying to my own post as this would be a more useful idea now that 6" of snow is coming and the winter ice age that may not kill the dino’s is going to kill my playing and playing of many people in the far north.

I agree 100%. Either that or just alter the mechanic such that you can access any drop within range of your drone.

This is a great idea .
It works on Ghosbusters , so why not on here ?
In extreme weather or in cases of illness at least everyone can still play .

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