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Personal experience with regard to Warrior Draft in 4 points

  1. Beginning of the sad story;
  2. 3 losses in a row;
  3. 100 GEMS RESET For an epic pack :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  4. End of the sad story…bye bye WD :golfing_man:‍♂


Does seem like a very underwhelming proposition to me.

As the reward indicates this event is designed for players who own unimproved heores, I will not comment on the event itself. As this event is arguably useless for advanced players, perhaps the event should be exclusive to players below a certain renown or trophy count.

Just… Wow…

Absolutely useless.

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The mode is worse than regular pvp. Someone at ludia needs fired


That is true, but then you wonder that for those players, and their lvl must be quite low to take advantage of these rewards, a 100 gems is quite substantial for 3 more kicks at the can.

Warriors draft was a nice idea, but my thoughts are, an epic failure.


I agree @Orloch, yet we have to consider that a player with unadvanced characters ought to prefer to buy an epic x2 pack (50 cards) for 400 gems which is also specific for a certain character while, in this case, it is completely random (I suppose it is the “usual” epic pack (25 cards) with 12 cards for random character #1 and 13 cards for random character #2).

I suppose, no matter how much someone is good at PvPing, they need to reset, at least, 2 times, for a minimum expenditure of 200 gems which, together with the 20ish runs (1 hour?) needed to complete the “event” reinforce the message that 100 gems to reset is completely a robbery :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:


I agree @Fizbanius, the reported buy-in is robbery.

However, I believe newer players have far fewer opportunities to purchase 2-for-1 Epic packs. While I may be wrong, I recall being offered 2-for-1 Rare packs instead of Epics until I surpassed a long-forgotten renown level. If this is still true, this reward might be more enticing for lower renown players.

Honestly speaking I don’t remember, or rather, as long as I can remember, the 2×1 epic packs is the usual Friday offer and the 2×1 legendary packs is the usual Saturday offer, but you might be right indeed.

[Edit.] @Orloch, you are right, now I remember that. So this might be an idea of Ludia to make newbies spend real money to buy 100 gems several times.

On the other hand, what I have noticed for sure, is that the 3 (2x1) common packs offer is disappeared.
This was super usueful, especially for newer players. Too bad for that. @Keith do you have any idea if this offer will ever come back?

Ha I didn’t win even 1 battle! I often got stuck with the dark elf and the monk, two characters I don’t have and have no clue how to play. Being killed off while doing negligible damage helped me decide that the monk event is a waste of time.

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I don’t do the Warrior Draft. I’ve also stopped doing guild rallies and challenge mode. None of these are fun and won’t waste my time on them again. The end rewards don’t override how awful these events are for me.

I’ve been enjoying the game a lot more since I’ve stopped doing these.

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If you are not in a guild, I don’t blame you.

I am in the top guild :slight_smile:

And you aren’t doing guild rallies, others carry the load, must be nice😂

Rallies are for keys. I have plenty of those

I think @Khmer loves trying to troll people…and he succedes with me

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Fizbanius, you never did answer whether you can beat a team of lvl 20 bots.


Yes, I assume you could quite easily right. How does the fight go, I am genuinely curious.

Im the highest in my gulld so I don’t have someone that would know.