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Personal experience with regard to Warrior Draft in 4 points

Fizbanius, you never did answer whether you can beat a team of lvl 20 bots.


Yes, I assume you could quite easily right. How does the fight go, I am genuinely curious.

Im the highest in my gulld so I don’t have someone that would know.

Being top dog, I figure if you can’t beat them then no one could

I assume everyone above 4500 can, my friend.

Flazzy had a 70+ win streak against lvl 20 bots. I’ve had a 30+ Win streak. Lvl 20 bots are gimpy to be honest.

Well thank-you, you guys are at another lvl from myself, I was genuinely curious. I only hit 4k last season for the first time.

70+ lol that’s hilarious 30+ is actually quite amusing as well.

I only half pay attention when I fight bot’s :slight_smile:

They become super easy once you have high lvl crew.

I once killed 3 of 4 20th lvl bots before I lost, the next fight with them i think i did no damage by the time they exterminated me.
In that fight the bots were ranged and it ended quickly🤯

@Khmer That’s because you were doing so good in arena that the game had to throw an overpowered bot team your way. Eventually you will be more powerful than the lvl 20 bots and will only lose to them rarely.

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Some of the full lvl 20 bot teams are easy. For me it depends on the crew I get handed, and sometimes some awful luck. It’s why I am avoiding Bot fights, I am on a win streak and don’t want to accidentally loose it to a bot.

It happened again… 100 gems to continue, though at least I won 5/8 matches. @Ned @Keith please please take a look at the event buy-in cost and make it more reasonable. 100 gems is in no way a reasonable recharge fee for a grand prize of merely 25 random epics.


So close this time, but I won’t spend 100 gems to reset…this is madness

Warrior draft is cancer anyway. Would take a lot more than 25 epics to get me to touch it

It must be strange to have worked on features of the game that have bombed so badly. But it is a complete failure of understanding as usual of what game mechanics people are looking for as well as relevant reward to wish to play on them.

Now I know the game has to cater for beginners to advanced players but the established advanced players are far more likely to spend longer in the game and spend revenue to keep the game going, so it’s baffling to me to have such an underwhelming feature for the majority of players kept in the game without tweaking.

The one thing Warrior draft confirmed to me is how much I’m not bothered about the 2 premium characters - they would not fit in my squad.

Hello Everyone,

The Warrior Draft is a chance for players to try out new characters, new gear setups and to test their skill in a more balanced PVP where everyone’s characters are the same level. In this aspect the Warrior Draft is a success. With the first draft players gave feedback on our choice of gear we listened and changed the characters build to include all legendary gear and will continue to change up the character builds from time to time to keep the draft interesting.

Rest assured your feedback is important to us I have passed on your feedback focusing on length of draft, prizes and cost of continuing to the team.

Thank you for the valuable feedback, and may the dice be in your favor.

Thanks for the feedback @Keith,

I think a problematic concern is developers misinterpretation of player feedback. As such, the development team continues to focus on minor complaints as opposed to addressing the underlying issues.

While I admit this is only my perspective. I cannot believe tinkering with equipment choices will resolve the fundamental problem with this event. I understand the purpose of this event was to introduce players to other heroes and rarer equipment. However, from my perusal of the comments, the failure in establishing even reasonably balanced matches detracts from these features. Without resolving this issue, minor tinkering with equipment is a foolish endeavor.

[Edit - Also the buy-in rate is preposterous]

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Can you go into more detail on why the matches in the draft are not balanced. Everyone has the same chance of getting characters, the gear is relatively the same strength, and the character level are the same. While not all items are made the same, the overall balance is there. The only differential is the players skill at identifying which characters work well together when drafting and how to best utilize them against the opponent.
*this is my personal belief but will be happy to pass on player feedback

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Another issue I have is the gear level would be better if they all had the max ability power for said item so we don’t have to guess the proc chance

Would be nice if we could just assume it the best chance possible