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Personal experience with regard to Warrior Draft in 4 points

@Khmer That’s because you were doing so good in arena that the game had to throw an overpowered bot team your way. Eventually you will be more powerful than the lvl 20 bots and will only lose to them rarely.

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Some of the full lvl 20 bot teams are easy. For me it depends on the crew I get handed, and sometimes some awful luck. It’s why I am avoiding Bot fights, I am on a win streak and don’t want to accidentally loose it to a bot.

It happened again… 100 gems to continue, though at least I won 5/8 matches. @Ned @Keith please please take a look at the event buy-in cost and make it more reasonable. 100 gems is in no way a reasonable recharge fee for a grand prize of merely 25 random epics.


So close this time, but I won’t spend 100 gems to reset…this is madness

Warrior draft is cancer anyway. Would take a lot more than 25 epics to get me to touch it

It must be strange to have worked on features of the game that have bombed so badly. But it is a complete failure of understanding as usual of what game mechanics people are looking for as well as relevant reward to wish to play on them.

Now I know the game has to cater for beginners to advanced players but the established advanced players are far more likely to spend longer in the game and spend revenue to keep the game going, so it’s baffling to me to have such an underwhelming feature for the majority of players kept in the game without tweaking.

The one thing Warrior draft confirmed to me is how much I’m not bothered about the 2 premium characters - they would not fit in my squad.

Hello Everyone,

The Warrior Draft is a chance for players to try out new characters, new gear setups and to test their skill in a more balanced PVP where everyone’s characters are the same level. In this aspect the Warrior Draft is a success. With the first draft players gave feedback on our choice of gear we listened and changed the characters build to include all legendary gear and will continue to change up the character builds from time to time to keep the draft interesting.

Rest assured your feedback is important to us I have passed on your feedback focusing on length of draft, prizes and cost of continuing to the team.

Thank you for the valuable feedback, and may the dice be in your favor.

Thanks for the feedback @Keith,

I think a problematic concern is developers misinterpretation of player feedback. As such, the development team continues to focus on minor complaints as opposed to addressing the underlying issues.

While I admit this is only my perspective. I cannot believe tinkering with equipment choices will resolve the fundamental problem with this event. I understand the purpose of this event was to introduce players to other heroes and rarer equipment. However, from my perusal of the comments, the failure in establishing even reasonably balanced matches detracts from these features. Without resolving this issue, minor tinkering with equipment is a foolish endeavor.

[Edit - Also the buy-in rate is preposterous]

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Can you go into more detail on why the matches in the draft are not balanced. Everyone has the same chance of getting characters, the gear is relatively the same strength, and the character level are the same. While not all items are made the same, the overall balance is there. The only differential is the players skill at identifying which characters work well together when drafting and how to best utilize them against the opponent.
*this is my personal belief but will be happy to pass on player feedback

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Another issue I have is the gear level would be better if they all had the max ability power for said item so we don’t have to guess the proc chance

Would be nice if we could just assume it the best chance possible


I’ll be honest Keith, I think when the Warrior Draft was described in the update I vastly overestimated what I thought it would deliver.

In my mind, because as you say: “The Warrior Draft is a chance for players to try out new characters, new gear setups and to test their skill in a more balanced PVP where everyone’s characters are the same level”.

I interpreted that to mean in order for it to be beneficial to players of all levels - it would be a type of sandbox/Clash of the Titans Mode where you’d get to go to a separate instance of the Roster to set-up a custom one for the Warrior Draft. Allowing you to pick 4 out of 11 characters to try in PvP all at level 20 and then being able to select your own custom max level equipment for each character.

That way people could equally balanced try out what end game characters they’d have - even playing field and then be able to evaluate what equipment of theirs is actually worth investing hours and hours of time and effort plus money in some cases to get all the relevant cards to max out the kit they deemed most effective/devastating.

With a certain number of free attempts of that, then with a reasonable gem re-buy in and decent rewards that implementation would have been popular amongst most people and would have added fun to the game and not a feature that is essentially overlooked by many or frustrating to others.

You have an amazing pool of highly engaged gamers here who want to spend time and money on this game, has the Dev team ever considered taking on a panel of gamers to discuss what they want beforehand and then allowing them to Beta test new features?

It very much seems to me that the game’s long term success will hinge on keeping long term users happy as well as attracting new users.

Don’t get me wrong, you do have a good level of success with the guild system, it seems like there are more and more active guilds popping up than ever and I think key to retaining users is getting them to join and play in active guilds. Whilst the guild rally can be a bit of a chore (I did stick it through and clear all 75 rooms), the major highlight of the month is always the guild raid and its rewards that come from group effort that lavish you with untold riches and equipment.

Obviously we can’t have all the features we individually want in the game, or we’d end up with something like the Homer Car in the Simpsons, but there are people so passionate about the game they want to see expansions and features that keep us from turning to the next game instead.


@Keith. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post. Based on my limited perspective and the comments shared by others, I have compiled a list of fundamental problems which significantly detract from Draft Mode.

  1. Buy-in cost. The buy-in cost is excessive. If an average player can win 50% then the event cost would be 300 gems. The value of 25 random epic cards is far short of 300 gems. This can easily be remedied by adjusting the buy-in cost or rewards value.

  2. Obscured Information. The players do not have adequate information available (ie, equipment level) to adequate plan the battles. Those who enter the event later are at the mercy of players who are familiar with the equipment levels. This information should be available to the player.

  3. Unbalanced Draft. All heroes are not created equal and some are far better than others. Most often during the draft one player will have significantly better draft options which unbalances the matches. This can be corrected by allowing players to choose between the same heroes.

  4. Undesirable Equipment - Almost all heroes are geared with undesirable equipment. The shift to Legendary equipment has not rectified this problem. The developers should be aware that many of the Legendary items are deemed worthless by many users. This issue is currently being discussed in two active threads. It is seemingly a foolish move to utilize many of these items while they are being panned in the most active threads.
    First post, epic vs legendary item abilities
    Please explain why there are useless legendaries

  5. Hero Levels. The hero levels are too low to interest many players.

These issues have all been previously discussed in other threads such as the one linked below.
Warrior Draft....Too early for so much thought

I admit I anticipate our comments will be disregarded similar to criticisms of the ongoing cross-over of Event and Battle Mode algorithms which continues to corrupt PvP Event matchmaking.
Nonetheless, I thank you for your pledge to forward our comments to the development team.


They are not reasonable and when they disagree with your speak, they suspend you account.
Very much dictatorship.

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Glitches still not dealt with and yet no recourse

+1 to both @Orloch and @ninja. Some really well-reasoned thoughts there.

One of the comments worth highlighting from ninja’s post - picking some random players to act as beta testers for features so that you can see “how the idea will work in the real world”. I would wager that many of the people on this forum play the actual game more than the devs (not a bad thing) - so if they are offering free QA / feedback time - it would be sensible to take advantage of that.

the biggest problem with warrior draft, besides the cost, is character equipment. While it would be nice if most characters are equiped optimally as some common, rare, epic and legendary are better than others the biggest deal is you just dont know what you have. the items not listed on the characters can be just as or even more important than what is listed. Does my cleric have restore legs on, or heal legs on, would be really nice to know. Does my rogue have +crit legs on or +action legs on, extremely important to know. I would suggest instead of giving people 10 seconds to choose give them 15 seconds and show ALL the gear the characters are wearing. If i know my rogue isnt wearing +action pants i am not going to move her into melee range as thats going to get her killed before my rogue gets an action to kill one of their guys. that in itself is the biggest issue with warrior draft. What use is it to people unfamiliar with the characters if they have NO IDEA what the gear they are wearing does. by the time they figure it out they have lost a couple matches and since you change the gear every single warrior draft every one starts off the same with noobs and veterans alike not having a clue as to their characters abilities

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@Kingoffarts, while it may not help when choosing heroes, pressing the ability buttons near the bottom of the battle screen will provide basic information on what abilities are available during battle. Perhaps this can be of some assistance.

However I agree there are some related issues. The information provided is limited to the active hero and it does not include the item/ability level. This preempts the user from advance planning and prevents the user from knowing important aspects of the available abilities. (ie. duration, range, etc)

Even remedial beta testing would have revealed this concern. I continue to be astounded by the way Ludia mishandles the implementation of new features. I would suggest the developer review and be more proactive with its beta testing procedures.

im aware of the holding on characters to see their abilities and stuff but it doesnt show their passive nor movement activated abilities, which is the crux of the problem no matter your skill lvl is 600 arena of 8k arena. while it would be nice if characters were geared optimally the bigger issue is just knowing what you got. for instance when i fight i use my bards pants that push people away, but i did a warrior draft and moved my bard and it pulled 2 melee right to me, would have never moved had i known i could be pulling instead of pushing. but theres no way to know what gear your wearing as it only shows your weapon, helm, and whatever that other slot is called. some of that gear is visible for those that pay attention but some of it has the same graphics as other peices so you cant get a visual tell.

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My reply was not intended as a rebuke or criticism of your statement @Kingoffarts . While I did note that the developer does provide some limited information (including movement abilities - the leftmost ability) though use of the ability buttons, the intent of my post was to expand upon your premise. Nonetheless, I believe we are both in agreement that inadequate information is available to the user.

i had a feeling my post could possibly be taken that way, i understood what you meant by it and was just trying to elaborate more. I didnt mean to come across as potentially bothered by your comment

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