Personal review of WoW


Im currently lvl 8 and vip.
Game is good, difficulty is good, spells and items too. Battle system has potentials to become more epic if devs add later some updates.
I have no problem with grinding, it might feel like taking ages to progress but when it does it feels rewarding.
Unfortunately for many, in order to have a smooth run and progress it requires 500 gem every couple of days. The reason is to buy 10k gold with gems.
So more or less its 60-70$ per month, if its expensive or cheap for a mobile game its up to a personal’s finance status.
Personally i ve never seen a single mobile game that its completely free and i am aware of that because anyone who creates an app or game, the main reason to do it is to make a profit.
So for me posts about paywall are just whines.

Although i hope we wont see “the most common reason for someone to quit” in this game which means when casual players face super duper vips and game over.

Overall the game has huge potentials i just hope devs wont go after our money and thats it.


In before the ban hammer for both Necro-posting and what looks like spam. Who would possibly click that link lol.