Personal stats


Would anyone like a personal stats option with the obvious win/lose ratio. But also more in-depth stats like most moves used like opening moves used, frequency of Dinos used in battle in total and order used, Kills made and Even incubators opened etc etc.

Add a kill count feature would be nice?

I’m admittedly a stat w***e, so I always enjoy knowing as much as I can about how I’m playing. Nothing to do with epeen, but I find long run it usually seems to help my game knowing where I need to strengthen myself or what I’m doing well at.


I’m ok with not knowing my personal stats. Perfectly content to be in denial about my failure as a gamer :rofl:


There (were) Too many cheaters and are too gaming glitches to make this reliable at this point in time.


Yes stats would be so great… They already count it on achievements but it gets hidden when you complete them. That’s bad, I keep some unfinished just to have the stats but I didn’t with the numbers of win one and I would like to know how many :cry:

I don’t care about cheaters I don’t want to compare stats or whatever I just want to have them


Yes I agree it could help us in terms of knowing where to strengthen and what works best for your team.
I’d keep them personal tho or even in time be given options on what can a can’t be viewed by others.


It will be nice if we can see which one of our dinos has eaten the most lives. To get even further, hope there will be a table stating how many times this dino finish off what specific kind it encountered. I guess then we get a better idea as to which dino is a good counter to the others.


Yeah, I’m with you on that…keeping them private, or only having certain global pieces of information available to view to others. I suppose I was admittedly wrongly assuming that if stats like that were added, they would inherently be private lol.


Yes they should be private, just like achievements are