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Personal Suggestions

I left a review on the app and was told to share my thoughts here so that’s what I’ll do. I have a few things I’d personally like to see:

• More Black characters who have natural hairstyles
• Datable poc
• A chance for MC to have different personalities (more text options)
• More content for the gems we spend
• No unwanted unmatching
• A confirmation button for spending gems would be nice

I had an issue where my phone slipped and accidentally spent gems to get 10 more profiles, which is a pretty useless thing to pay for, but a confirmation button would have prevented that. It isn’t a big deal or anything but would be nice to help us prevent accidents. :blush:

Some of us need time to save up gems/buy them and it seems harsh to force the character to unmatch you if you can’t afford the conversation at the moment or just get busy with life.

I have no qualms about spending absurd amounts of money on games because thats what keeps them running, but I take issue when shoveling a lot of money and getting little back in return.

It would be nice to have different endings with each character depending on how the MC (the player) interacts with them to see the compatibility or lack thereof, with or without gems.

In general I’d love to see more datable poc in the game, but in terms of the Black characters it would be nice for them to look natural or have Black hairstyles as well.

Thats just my two cents though. I think the game has great potential though. :blush: