Personal supply drop


I think having a personal supply drop would be a good idea. When you start the game you can position one drop so you know you can collect from where you spend most of your day. When at home I can not reach any supplies and unable to just wander down the street late at night or early in the morning. For shift workers you could drop a supply near your canteen/office or wherever you can reach during the day. Even if you could reposition once a day or week depending on what you will be doing. Thoughts


I’m opposed unfortunately. I think the urge to make this a couch game is too strong on this one. If you could play a SD at home why bother walking to the corner? Why walk on lunch break if you can grab em from the break room?
I like the originality of the idea but to me this is a game/deal breaker. I love GPS games but find “sitting” GPS games pointless.


Of course you are entitled to your opinion but what about players that are lucky enough to already have this. My daughter can reach two from her front room. Also what about house bound players. They Could be limited timings and not 15 mins. That way I can restock darts over night ready for my 2 mile walk in the morning with limited drops


You are correct theoretically, but there are people which can play from home or office, so giving everybody a homebase supply drop would make the game more fair.

Of course somebody should only be allowed to make a homebase if there is no supply drop nearby and/or the homebase should have the same cooldown time as the nearby supply drops, to not favour the players which already have one or more supply drops nearby.


I’m afraid I must disagree with you, if a player is not willing to go a several dozen meters than I question the point of a GPS game for them


I am referring to early morning, late nights. I look after a disabled adult and can not just wander off to get to a supy drop. I walk to and from my shop plus other activities that mean I stack up around 8 miles a day. No couch potato but would like yo stock up when stuck at home but of able to reach a drop. Again if you are lucky enough to be able to reach a drop from your living room then you have an unfair advantage. If I lived 100 metres down the road I could reach 3 at once. None are positioned close enough for me to reach at home.


I have several friends that play the game that do not have SDs nearby and it doesn’t work for them. They however, make do.
Again, I sympathize but if this was added it would break the game completely. And once again, if you have limited Mobility maybe a GPS location based game isnt ideal for you. Play a strategy game or something perhaps?


I can reach 2 drops from my bedroom, but none at the living room. So i’m just lucky, but give me a 3rd drop, also wouldn’t be the same possibility to people who doesn’t even have 1 drop at reach.

By the way Ludia is increasing the amount of drops anyway, since last week.


Given that there is no incentive to walking like Pokemon Go, I don’t see how it’s an issue if people want to play primarily at home. Ludia’s main source of income from this game is advertisements, so players are more likely to make them money by sitting at home and watching ads on WiFi instead of avoiding ads because they’re data conscious.


How is there no incentive to walking? Dinos spawn more as you move. Sure theres 1 or 2 that might spawn at your house but youre going to progress much faster by getting out and walking.


It’s easier to grind out offers for bucks and speed up battle incubators to get rare and epic DNA. I guess the beauty of this game is that there are 2 ways to play.


Supporting this would give me a second SD in my house, but it would kind of make this game broken…considering it is a GPS-based game.


I am not completely opposed to this idea. Although I would think it should be a 30 minute timer instead of 15. That way it still encourages people to get out of the house. You would also have to limit how close it can be to a real supply drop so that there wouldn’t be people with 2+ supply drops at their house.


I like the idea and am trying to think of the logistical side. Give everyone a personal SD, 30 minute timer, and it must be placed a minimum X amount of distance (radius) from another SD?


And everyone would know where you live seems smart.

I don’t want that thanks. It’s a game to go out. If you don’t like it there are many other games that can suit your requirements


Wish people would read the text that preceeded there message I walk 8 miles a day. I have no intention of changing that if I have a personal supply drop.


It doesn’t have to be visible for others. Or better yet add in a friends list.