Personal Top 10 List (Backpack feature?)


I’m not the first to suggest this, but it was part of a bigger list, so I’d like to suggest this by itself:

Allow us to make a Personal Top 10 List of the Dinos we need.

You could make it a part of the backpack feature (possibly) or include it as a feature of the Dino page like the top 8 is for fighting. Either way allow us to personalize it, and then make it so that when we are Dino hunting and the Dino info pops up, there is some border or outline telling us that this is a dinosaur we have on our top 10 list.
The reason I’m suggesting this is that I often forget which basic dinos I need to collect to go through 1 or 2 fuses in order to make up the Dino I really am trying to level up. Especially since there are dinos with 2 versions. It’s really frustrating when I collect something thinking it’s the one I need and then realizing it was the gen 2 I needed instead!
Anyone else out there think this is a great idea??


Although conceptually this seems harmless I can imagine the programming that would be necessary for each and every player to have a list of tracking dinosaurs would be rather immense


I don’t know that it would be any more difficult than having every player have 8 different dinos available to play with in the arena. All they would have to do is allow you to put a yellow border around the image that pops up, but maybe it’s more difficult than I’m thinking it is. Plus, I don’t know if the current programming pulls that image from your personal deck or somewhere else. I’m assuming that because it already pulls the info on your current dna level that it wouldn’t be too difficult, but maybe the image is pulled from a central link and not from your personal Dino dna deck.


Your 8 dinos dont have to register anything on the map screen, the game doesn’t have to constantly check them against anything. Having it show an indication would require it to check against your list every time you look at a dino