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Personally I like boosts

I see that many people hate the stat boosts and think they should be removed and I understand that point if view, but some of us love them and it was something I wanted in the game to break up the monotony of rock paper scissors which is what the game felt like before.

As an alternative to removing them, I think there could be two arenas. One with boosts, the other without. Similarly to the new tournaments, you could choose to do either arena. Same thing for strike towers and friend battles. A person could choose if they want to play with stat boosts or not.


Great post .
I hate boosts, but I totally respect the fact that some people love them.
The separate arena idea is great, but unlikely as Ludia will effectively be giving us the choice as to whether to pay to win or not. It would be a disastrous business decision by them to allow this to happen.
Just out of interest, do you spend real money buying the boosts?


Nobody would battle in the normal arena if a nonboost arena became a thing, which means no money for Ludia, which means it won’t happen.


Lots of people seem to want nonboost arena. I doubt nobody would want it. Sure, it won’t mean much money but some players quit due to boosts, if they heard that a normal arena made a return, they might return and continue to buy stuff to support the game. It would make them feel like they were heard. So it would be extra cash on the side, even if it’s not as much as from boosts.

and finally found those 0,00002% :sunglasses:

but like or hate, 2 arenas wouldn’t lead to another problem? i mean, spread playerbase and have less people online to matchmaker do its job?

unless they change the way we battle… different matchmaker or even another different ranking system like other games.

when boosts were released i told it would be temporary, not fixed to creature stats. and maybe different based on creature rarity, maybe not speed boost, etc.


No need. The Boost Arena would be practically empty, matches hard to find, and everyone would go to the non-Boost Arena.

So just make the current arena non-Boost.

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The problem with making the current arena non boost would be the refunds for boosts.

They would be no longer worth anything, so each and every person who bought any would be entitled to a full refund,


It would be cool, but it won’t happen. Not enough people quit make a big enough dent in Ludia’s profits to even consider adding a nonboosted arena. As long as it pays, it won’t change.

You can make the arena non boost or boost restrictive and still have a use for boosts. Tournaments, seasonal arenas, and strike events.

Right now the arena counts as a seasonal arena. But imagine the option to click one or the other. One arena is trophy based but the only reward is moving up arenas. The seasonal will reset each season and work similar to arena now, except rewards would prob need to be a little more enticing. and then still have your every other week tournament where boosts are applied.

Oh. And any dinos killed in any of them count towards dbi

Yes, the seasonal arena may get less people. But at the rate the game is going it won’t have anyone in it anyway.

People didn’t invest in boosts for nothing, they’d still stick around in boosted. Sure, there would be fewer of them, however, here’s how you could solve that: give some reward that would be different from boost arena. It could be maybe HC, it could be special incubators, or maybe skins? Has to be something that would not make either arena unneeded. And they should both count toward daily mission stuff.

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I think boosts wouldn’t be nearly as much of an issue if the only way we could get them is from DBIs and boost strikes. Remove the P2W part and things would probably be much better.


I may add I’m more in favor of a boost restrictive arena as a compromise. Boosts were meant for dinos to go from 30 to 40. Not 15 killing 25s.

Lvls 0-10 no boosts. 11 thru 15 tier 2 max. 16 thru 20 tier 4 max. 21 thru 25 tier 6 max. 26 thru 30 tier 10


They could come up with specific dino DNA that can only be obtained from playing boosted in a boosted arena that would semi force people to play there to get that specific DNA. They can also make it so the boosted arena only gives the boosts out of the 8 hour incubators instead of the DBI’s.

Then if each arena has its own tro;hy system, I could play a high team in the regular arena and a lower mid level team in the boosted arena.


It may have escaped everyone’s attention, but the biggest problem in the arena is finding fair opponents.

Because there are so few people playing, we get match ups that are often way out.

Having 2 arenas will dilute it even more than it already is, thus matchmaking wouldn’t be twice as bad as it already is!

What we need is to make the game more appealing so that more people stay around longer to create a much better arena.


i love the boosts, just hate paying for them.


As I said a while back, boosts are healthy for the game.*

The way they distributed them/continue to? No.

We needed a way to continue to progress our dinos. Boosts enable this.

*With the exception of speed boosts.

One thing about unfair matchups. As you progress you should fight harder opponents than you. Or else technically you could take your lvl 10s and keep fighting lvl 10s and make it all the way to the top. So there has to be some factor thrown in to look up before looking down for matchmaking.

That being said it’s still a long way from being good. The problem is I fight lvl 26 to 27 teams while I’m 22 to 24. Normaly that’s not a bad thing but the boost difference makes it even harder.

I went from 2500 to 3500 on sons account. Havent leveled up a dino in 6 months. Has a 19 sucho, 21 indo, and the rest are 16 and 17s. But because where I was boosts were even and I was taking in teams with 21 to 23 and winning. But once i run into the next tier of boosts i get run over.

It s easy to tell I love boost when you spend thousands of money and outspeed all your competitors… It s the kind of players that I hate to battle and make me loose more and more interested in this paytowin broken game.


They could and probably should go back to the trophy based only match making. These boosts are 10X worse than the old time arena droppers.

On my 2nd account, I’m playing all the way down in Nubular Jungle with level 15-16 teams because I get better matching. I still get run over though as there are some pretty boosted player level 11 and up teams. YET… then I get pushed down to playing a level 9 player and run them over with my none boosted team with legendary’s. For the most part, matches are good, even against lightly boosted teams. I have some good legendary’s that do well against boosted epics and rares.

ludia wants money. we want fun.

if we suggest them to just give us free options, we won’t help. should we battle with an ad bar above dinos?

we need to suggest fun things, that we would consider purchasing, without kill free player’s experience.