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Perspective of a new player

Issue: Yeah I’m a new player & I tried out VIP for one month and let’s just say I’m disappointed at best. EVERY picture is 300 gems so why would a bonus of 1,000 help anyone. Especially if you have multiple conversations going?¿ I’m now at the point in convos where even the reactions cost. It just seems VERY money hungry and there’s not a lot of gift for the players for me to continue to support the app.

Suggestion: lowering the cost of pictures. 50 gems per picture sounds more reasonable. And would encourage me to buy more because I’m getting more stretch for my dollar.

Suggestion: I’d also like to be able to customize my character. Don’t get me wrong I know it’s easier to be inclusive with the silhouette profile pics but it’d be a fun little addition.


Thanks, Kaneechiewa! I’ll bring your suggestion up with our team.