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Pest control

This should seriously be addressed.
My team:


Love the arena, love to battle but really, REALLY (!!) getting sick of it now


Look on the bright side, at least one guy uses Stgydaryx


Seriously, again? If they bore you that much why bother replying with the same comment (just different gif’s) twice???

Because the other gif was apparently against the rules. This one should be fine.

And why did you have to start another thread??? Couldn’t it have gone in one of the dozens that already exist???

Just skip it…

Oh and by the way… kids are against the rules too😂

Is this better…


If we are going to start arguments, this thread will get closed. Lets stop antagonizing others.

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Dude you are in what apears to be high aviary which is part of the problem, and their isn’t a major player base for this game. And i just enjoy the fact that no one complains when they wiped the floor with a weaker opponent, yet when they face anything stronger than them they say the game is broken and that they are quiting. Sorry for that rant, i just feel irritated with how people only want weaker opponents when they are in the 4th to last arena in the entire game.


If it helps you get rid of your frustration… sure. Now let me get rid of mine as well by posting another thread about this abominable matchmaking… win-win


You don’t say what level you are on, and how many trophies you have.

Agreed schtemty

Mid aviary actually, and I hardly wipe any team as they all swap their overlevelled DC’s in and out


See above nothing shocking …

I’m right up there with you in mid aviary. It sucks, tho rat isn’t the biggest problem for me. Mainly dinos 4+ levels higher than mine. I’m probably shooting above my pay grade a bit.


Well sorry about the rats, yeah because of ludia’s rebalancing of the ceratopsians makes many more mini rats!!!Yeah now everyone including a level 2 player can enjoy ratting.

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I’ve got to say you are punching way above your weight with that team to be at this level of trophies, fair play to you!

The rat in Aviary is way overdue a visit from pest control though. Let’s just hope the new boost system makes life for the pesky :rat: unbearable!


That’s only because if I swap in all my uniques (none over lvl 23) I face full unique teams lvl 25+ boosted to their teeth. Rat I benched a while ago as I’m too sick of facing it (yes even my own) :wink:

Spot on :joy::joy::black_heart::black_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We older players saw this problem 6 months ago.