Pet peeve - counter attack


So, I know this shouldn’t really bother me, but it does.

Counter attack is described as "Deal XX damage after receiving but surviving damage’.

Yet, Tragodistis and Rajakylosaurus deal a counter attack after receiving no damage (with their invincibility moves). If they don’t receive damage, shouldn’t that mean they don’t deal a counter attack? I figure I’m just being pedantic, but still… according to the description, they shouldn’t. Oh well.



You attack, they counter. Hence the term, counter attack.


And if you want to be really pedantic - they survive an atack but are stunned by that attack so no counter attack can occur - so take the wording loosely (as its quite reasonable to argue counter is autonomic nervous system reflexive response to attack attempt so movement would happen irrespective of stun as essentially simultaneous with the attack)