Pet the Dinos?


Just a minor thing that’d be cool, is if we could pet our dinosaurs. And I don’t mean the silly double-tap from Jurassic World the Game, I mean be able to run your finger over them, scratch under their chins, maybe even throw them a piece of meat/vegetation. Something small, but I think it’d be fun anyway.

Another part too, if it can be implemented but probably not, is with the AR function. We bring our dino into the real world and can reach out to pet them.

Again, something minor, but cool.


This is the ultimate dream


I’m all for greater interaction with the dinosaurs. We’re suppose to be collecting them to save them and presumably learn about them and understand them better. I understand that it would require work but I’ve never really been a big fan of the arena. It’s fun sure, but for me it gets stale quickly. It would be nice to have something else to do with the dinos we’ve collected.


i think like feeding etc would be ok but petting them?? im sorry to say it like this but this isnt my little pony go. these are fricking dinos. when is the last time you have seen someone scratch a indominus rex’s underchin anywhere. movies games you name it. its not like we are dealing with chiuaua cubs. that would make the game childish and would feel awkward since you are belly rubbing a killing machine. what is next are we going to breastfeed them in public or something? i am in for more interactions with our dinos but a belly rub and an underchin scratch is too far fetched and too ridiculous


Wow, triggered much? Are you forgetting kids play this game too? I’m sure they would live to pet a Stegosaurus. If you don’t like the idea of something fun that was actually implemented in Jurassic World The Game (mind you, this fame’s park building cousin), then that’s fine. No need to go diwn someone’s throat and hit frappe.


what i am saying is. you need to see what are you trying to accomplish. in this sense, in a car racing game we should be able to pet cars too? dinos are not for petting. they are cool. i have been a kid before, and i loved dinos as a kid but never wanted to pet them. they are cool. not cute. i liked pokemon too and yes i wanted to pet them too because even the scariest of them is kind of cute. but jwa has realistic graphics and dinos far fom cute. i am not trying to hurt your feeling or something but as i said. even as a child i wouldnt want to pet a dino, would i like to ride them? sure. would i like to feed them? maybe but would i imagine myself giving a belly rub to a trex? not even close. children should not either. an extreme example is if a 5 y.o child plays this and pets their trex or something then somewhere he faces a bear/lion/alligator etc. they may even feel like its ok to pet them, which is far from true


You’re missing the point, Tsuki.

This. Is. A. GAME.

Get over it.


just because it is a game it doesnt mean you should be petting everything. you are being more aggresive than me while providing far less evidence to support your claims. horror games are “games” too but i havent seen anyone pet the slenderman. just because kids play it too it doesnt make this a kids game. this game it targetting an older age than games that you can pet your animals in. dinosaurs arent supposed to be cute. if they added petting i and a nonzero amount of other people would leave the game because it isnt jurassic park anymore. you are aware that this is a game based on a thrill movie right? kids can play it, i am not saying they shouldnt but this games first targetted audience is older than 15 y.o and petting added wouldnt make sense for most people of that age range. imagine a final destination game chain? sounds kinda cool right? now imagine you can make your character wear a pink princess costume as you play it and pooff the game is bad. i understand you want to pet some dinos. i get it . why not ask for a new game with cute looking dinosaurs and being able to pet them. there are games like this. not every game needs to be childish. just because you want something it doesnt mean everyone will enjoy what you want. grow up


I’m being aggressive? Look in the mirror, sweetie. You’re going off over something that isn’t even worth your time. By the way, JP 1, the main crew was petting a Trike, and to some extent a Brachio. JP2, that main crew handled and fixed a baby Rex. JP 3, a little girl innocently tried befriending a Compy. JW, there’s a Dinosaur Petting Zoo where a kid was riding a baby Trike and another kid glomped a baby long neck. I don’t know what other games you can interact with dinos as I could never really find any, but uhm, yeah, watch the movies again.
You’re taking a small suggestion like an absolute insult. Unless your parenting is bad, then your child will learn what’s safe to pet and what isn’t. Heck, even domestic dogs aren’t always friendly, and you can bet any child wouldn’t think twice about trying to pet one. The audience age range is not 15+, but for everyone. This is nothing but a game. It doesn’t teach kids anything (unless they’re really good in the arena). If you allow your child to confuse fantasy with reality, that’s on you, not the developers. I played violent games as a kid, and you don’t see me trying to kill someone Mortal Kombat style. Move on please.


I’d love to pet my dinos. I need a carno more than ever for that, but at least I could do it with my steggo. Oh and my tarbo too


Just wanted to add that even if Ludia does implement petting, that it wouldn’t be a required element of gameplay. Even if I love the idea of petting my Trike. If it’s a simple double tap or just a ‘pet the dino’ button, then don’t double tap or tap the button.

Simple as that.

Also let me name my dinos.


I want to name mine so bad. My Weuro…probably butchered that…would be named Bacon, due to an inside joke.


first movie was a sick dino and second movie and jurassic world were about a baby dino. both doesnt exist in jwa. the little girl incident was in jp2 not jp3 and that girl got severely injured because she tried such thing. also i am talking for your own good. you need to take your expectations down a little bit. this would be a bad business decision for ludia too. most people who pay the ~9$ vip mode arent 5 y.o. it would be too annoying for them to see pink hearts smiley faces and butterflies come out of a velociraptor when they accidentally start the petting animation as they are trying to check the dinos body features. the closest thing they would do is create a subgame spesifically for children like “jurassic world alive:chibi edition” or something that you can pet and has much cuter graphics then the current game. as i said ludia will lose a lot if their 20 y.o+ paying customers are replaced with 8 y.o non-paying customers.


No thanks, I’d rather see them spent their resources to improve gameplay and give us extra content like raids or something similar.


in a post below i explained why it isnt as simple as " dont tap the button" because we are talking about people touching the screen and i dont want to accidentally trigger petting animation every time i try to level up my erlikosaurus.
on the other hand i am all in for naming. i would love that feature too. and most people will to since i bet more than %20 of this games players want to name their t.rex “rexy” and i am one of them.


Why are you fighting this so badly for? You think you’re bigger or something? Even in your other response to someone, ypu don’t touch the dino to level it up, you hit the button for it. And you realize ViP is optional, right? I don’t think you get how games actually work. You are fighting a simple suggestion tooth and nail like someone was torturing you. And uhm, hunny, TRex, Trike, Spino, Brachio…they exist in JWA, which further proves my assumption you don’t actually play this game. Compies aren’t in it, but most others are.


I see your point but I don’t really appreciate the infantlization involved. I’m far removed from an eight year old and while I don’t pay the $10 vip because ten dollars a month is better spent elsewhere. But I have and still do occasionally put money into this game as a treat to myself.

That makes me a paying customer, even occasionally. And as said earlier, don’t appreciate being talked down to because I want to interact with my pixel dinosaurs in some way.

We’re talking in hypotheticals here.


Well let’s not call it petting our dinos, instead we’re bonding with them. I’ve stated before somewhere that I’m a big fan of just watching animals be themselves even when it’s in a game. Back when I played Ark Survival Evolved a lot I would watch the different creatures interact with each other (usually to pass the time when taming something) and I found it quite zen in a way.

I was thinking that the animations we have now for the dinos would be the basic threat responses and by interacting with them and bonding with them they became more familiar with us (since JP is big on imprinting). The button for it could be on the opposite side of the screen from the AR function, As a reward for the effort, the dinos behaved more naturally and we were rewarded with more animations (walking, eating, playing, etc). That way those of us who want more interactions with the dinos aren’t given a gameplay advantage over those who see them as little more than digital weapons.

Everyone’s happy, those players like myself get to indulge in our fascination with these animals whereas everyone else gets to play with their favourite killing machines.


I don’t think they even play the game, to be honest. They think touching the dino levels it up and that the Trike doesn’t exist in the game.


trixe exists. a sick trike doesnt