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Petition against the Boosting Feature, the game is RUINED

Dear Ludia and Fellow Gamers,

I believe many of us are annoyed and disappointed by the 1.7 update. The new feature of boosting system ruins the whole game experience. The hard work of collecting, updating make no more sense, a Stegodeus can defeat a team with speed 134 and so on.

Why did we collect, update?
Where is tactical gaming?
Where is any gaming moral left?
Does it worth to update our creatures?

Even though the boost is not anymore payable but seeing many gamers have used their cash to boost extra before, since ultraslow dinosaurs to reach high speed need massive resources.

Ludia maybe wanted a nice feature but this ruined the whole gaming experience, the diversity of dinosaurs and intelligent playing lost its meaning.

I am reading that more and more gamers quit, unsuscribe their VIP membership and I am considering to stop mine as well…

We are the gamers and Ludia is for us, not us for them.

Shall we initiate an online petition to change this and have a functioning, fair matchmaking again, focus on the real issues since we are asking for a ballanced Arena experience since months!!!



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