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Petition For Ludia to buff DB Packs

Recently, I found that I’ve been facing increasingly hard Dinosaurs for 120 DB. Could Ludia like increase the DBs in the packs according to the player’s level?


Ya I also think the same as you are. Fighting increasingly strong dinos for just 120 bucks?? Just 120? I think they should make it more for higher level players but currently they also get 120 bucks for doing extra hard matchups


I know right. They should at least give 250 DB per card for lvl 40 to 49, 300 DB per card for lvl 50 to 59 etc

This is never going to happen.


It was always a hard event and they haven’t changed it from the beginning. As a matter of fact it used to be harder. There were times where we were only allowed to use super rares, that was really tough.
If you think an event is not worth the effort you can always skip it.
And if you are facing harder opponents it has something to do with your lineup.

Don’t misunderstand me, I also would like to get more bucks as reward for this hard event, but they simply won’t do it.


Ok…but they could at least make it to be 150 DB per card.

I honestly hope they will listen to you.


They probably won’t

I would imagine that Ludia makes a great deal of money selling Dinobucks. The easier they are to come by in the game the less the sell

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Ya they probably won’t

Most likely this is a non starter… If I think from Ludia’s perspective this is how I would look at this, not sure if what I talk about below is available but this is how I would approach this…
I would ask for data on the event (Fight for Funds). What is the percentage of players that complete the event? What percentage start the event but don’t finish? What is the percentage of players that just skip the event all together?

If the percentage of players completing the event is high, then there is probably no need to make a change. Since most player find enough value in completing the event to do so. Also knowing that my goal as a company is to get folks to spend money, every extra amount of DB I add into the game decreases the value of the Fidelity membership or the out right purchase of DB.

Now if the percentage of folks out right skipping the event is high then maybe I look at moving the event to a different day, or requiring different creatures, but the last thing I would do is probably increase the amount of DB, see reasoning above.

If the percentage is high of folks starting but not completing them maybe I look at adjusting the difficulty.

At the end of the day my guess is most folks are completing this event so from Ludia’s perspective no change is needed.


This is the reason I skip this event (plus chasing 120 DB with my best dinos seems pointless to me). I am not particularly hopeful of Ludia changing anything, but you never know.