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Petition for quit button in PVP

Fed up After another horrible matchup

(They dominated my wizard first move, I had no taunt to soak the damage and no healer to recover)

So thought it’s high time we marshalled the troops for a petition to install a quit button in PvP

With regards to the sandbagging for Eg challenges objection - people that want to do this can do this easily anyway, just start a match and throw your device to the side for a few minutes - Doesn’t seem to be a reasonable objection.

Doesn’t seem to be an issue for the other player either as ai could simply take over when you quit (could be a notification as well - player has quit battle)

If you can think of another reason against it then add otherwise,

If you want a quit button in PvP please add support below

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I support this

If this happens, I would like to see some sort of punishment to the player who quit. If your characters lost some experience… Would you still quit? Lose gold? Would you still quit? Other than bragging rights no real penalty to lose trophies. If a quit button comes in what would you be willing to lose to ditch a very quick match? That is the question that should be proposed.

I conditionally agree with this. Prior to implementing this they should correct some more pressing issues:

  1. PvP trophies are currently meaningless as they have no relative value. There should be a reward system implemented for maintaining high trophy counts. This should be prioritized over the proposed Quit button.

  2. If Ludia intend to reintroduce Test of Might, the formula for match-ups needs to be corrected prior to implemention of the suggested Quit button. Otherwise, this will just become another abused feature people will complain about.

Hopefully Ludia is paying attention and choose to correct some of these deficiencies including implementation of a Quit button.

Your suggested implementation sucks. I much more prefer this guy’s version:

Well you’d definitely lose trophies and you’d get no experience even if you killed an enemy but yes some penalty for quitting may be better (problem is extra trophy loss would be ideal for sandbagging for events).


Yeah that’s what I want - but I’m afraid they will never Implement that one let alone a vanilla quit button